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  1. Agreed, need a new discussion for such a long war.
  2. They are about to find their way out of the top 10 though.
  3. Don't ever break character.
  4. It made an amusing thread, so it was for the good of the community in that sense.
  5. Impressive to be KIA in a nation simulator game.
  6. Sorry to break this to you, but there is not any scarcity of cat pictures, they are valuable for free in effectively unlimited numbers on the internet all over Reddit, instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Whilst it might be nice for BK members to have access to this channel, it cannot possibly be said to have any monetary value, and is simply an incentive provided by some members of an alliance to other members of that alliance to remain active. Thus it does not violate either the word or the spirit of the rules. 2/10 for effort on the analogy though.
  7. Honestly this should be a bannable offence. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. I basically agree with this. Everyone has money, everyone wants it kept safe, so it is in the best interests of everyone if nothing in this area is changed. That doesn't mean that it is good for the game as a whole. No resource should be invulnerable. The only issue I see with tying a limit to infra is that as an alliances infra is worn down during war, the cap will also decrease, meaning that they would not be able to keep the entirety of their prewar bank.
  9. I have quit an alliance and received money from an alliance bank within the last 24 hours, but I haven't received an achievement for either.
  10. Yeah, in that scenario I agree I could have been in pretty bad trouble. But that would require good coordination and activity from them, and they would have only been able to pull that off against a few of us anyway. I would definitely welcome DB to try this strat now that it is on the forums though.
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