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  1. It's got to be Endgame. That just fits so perfectly. Although I do like Micchan's suggestion. ?
  2. The Great Sock War is still the best name. This war started because we refused to surrender our socks to NPO and that made them cry. TKR naturally has the best socks, we know you're envious and you want them because they're the warmest, most comfy and most stylish socks in Orbis, but we're keeping them. You want to wear our awesome socks? Join TKR.
  3. Arch should have won the Turner Prize; not this one. Commiserations Sam, you were robbed.
  4. I think we have a winner. The Great Sock War is a good, funny name. I like it.
  5. My revenue logs are lying. I've had this issue today. I'm not being taxed 100%. My logs say I'm getting revenue but I haven't had any except for last turn. I'm not the only one in my alliance this is happening to. There is a bug. Please find it and destroy the bug sheepy. I'm not asking for my lost revenue back only that it doesn't disappear on me again.
  6. What do we do if we never saved the original image link and don't have an imgurr account? Can we just reupload and put the new link here? I won't have to pay for my three flags again will I? (Also if this works can you delete all my flags, except alliance ones, 'cause I got the size ratio wrong on the first three and forgot to put different names on my flags when I redid them. So I'm never sure which flags are the right ones. ?) Yes I'm a genius. (Thought I'd get that in before someone else said it.)
  7. This is a terrible idea. It's basically a fix for shitty econ management by AAs. Git gud scrubs. The solution to the slow growth problem is to join an alliance whose econ people know what they're doing. I've been here for eighteen months and I'm at 15 cities, going on city 16 because I joined an AA who know what they're doing. But sure blame the game mechanics for your inadequacies.
  8. Ooh! I got one. Global Thermonuclear War.
  9. I'm rooting for The Hunger Games or The Knights Irradiated, which is hilarious, I love it. Also very accurate since I've eaten 12 nukes so far. Also can we please ditch the lame placeholder name and call it the temp name of Nuke Bloc vs Random Alliances (because EMC isn't exactly accurate) or something like that on the wiki until we officially name it? Anti-Nuclear Proliferation Act is soooooo lame it makes me want to cry.
  10. Bonus Production for having 3 Coal Mines: 9.09% Bonus Production for having 3 Iron Mines: 20% ??? Shouldn't that be 9.09% or 20% for both resources?
  11. Marianna


    I don't like this idea as something players can do. However an auto-payback system for alliances to use with their members would be cool. It would make paying back city loans easier.
  12. Actually most of Arrgh is so far beneath us we can't get at ya!!! But many of us are willing to drop on you so keep talking.
  13. I did. I asked you to dance didn't I? But now I have to shut up on orders of millcom. Sorry, lover.
  14. We're all dressed up with nowhere to go Black Knights. Please dance with us. It'll be fun.
  15. Shall we dance Black Knights?
  16. BK are clearly trolling for war. They love being rolled by TKR. No one rolls people better than us. Chill people. And if you're that bored BK you should join in and attack Grumpy or Sparta.
  17. A few butt-hurt losers moan about not being able to make as much profit as they want so Sheepy screws us all over. FML.
  18. So how many votes does a name need to make it through?
  19. Double standard. This is why chicks before dicks.
  20. So when do we get to vote on the name?
  21. Well fought. You guys were a pain in my rear. Congratulations on a war well fought. I wish you a swift rebuild.
  22. I like "These aren't the treaties you're looking for" +1 for that.
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