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  1. HoffaKnows

    Control of the Holy Land

    Good job Knights! The odds were stacked against you, and you still came out on top. Fantastic organization and generalship ??
  2. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    You’re absolutely correct. That guy did join us afterwards though. We started with 14 guys, and added 4 more. Could have been 5 though.
  3. HoffaKnows

    Recognition of War Sparta

    You act like we thought no one else would jump in, or that we care about your opinion. I see why you feel the way you do though. You are wrong however. Good to see you trying ??
  4. HoffaKnows

    Recognition of War Sparta

    Leadership skills? Allies? Who cares man? Why are you so mad?
  5. HoffaKnows

    Recognition of War Sparta

    This is 100% accurate
  6. HoffaKnows

    Recognition of War Sparta

    I remember whooping you last year when a lot of people said the same thing about Alpha. Poor leadership and stuff like that. I see you’re still around. Good job on proving your detractors wrong ??
  7. HoffaKnows

    Recognition of War Sparta

    You make a mistake in assuming we care.
  8. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    I’m all out of likes for the day boys. This is the best I can do.
  9. HoffaKnows

    Name that War!

    The war on apathy The fight against boredom The one where Sparta blitzed better
  10. HoffaKnows

    Those Guys

    Best of luck!
  11. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    You guys should fight! Or make out! Or both
  12. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    Solid gold ??
  13. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    I’m having a fun time. I know others are as well. ?
  14. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    I was pretty sure someone would come running in to save the day. We were bored. We’re not bored now. ? Enjoy hitting the easy button
  15. HoffaKnows

    Sparta RoRoH

    All joking aside, Sparta is known for talking about genitals, and not much else. We were logging once a day to collect our 300k and that’s it. That gets real boring. You can’t argue with that. Instead of waiting for the game to come to us, we decided to act, and generate content not just for our members, but the game as a whole. This is the most action Orbis has seen in months. You’ll see at least 3 alliances involved in a war. Regardless of what side you’re on, or how you view this, there will be roughly 100 players who do something else besides collect their daily bonus. This is a win for everyone. Every single member of our alliance has been on since the attack started. That has never happened before. It’s my hope that other alliances start to understand that there is more to this game then building infrastructure. It doesn’t matter who attacks who. All that matters is that someone attacks someone.

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