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  1. The no food penalties aren't all that bad in peace time, but if the war is still going on they are really just free piles of loot (except for food) to whoever attacks them. So they would basically just do it to dodge getting their other goods/money looted without any chance of retaliation.
  2. I don't think it will be that surprising if we see a lot of nations migrate to vacation mode to avoid having no food for an extended period of time. Is there something to be done to deal with this if it comes up, or am I ridiculous for thinking it will even be a problem?
  3. In their defense there are like 3 IQ alliances that put up a fight. BK, NPO, and... okay just those two actually. The rest are just houses of cards when you take all those papers away. ODN, GoG, Cornerstone, Polaris, UPN, TUE have all avoided do anything remarkable in terms of war efforts so far this war. OWR actually was giving us a good show at TGH but they were pretty low on stocks afaik and ended up peacing out - but they were honestly the only ones doing anything significant to hit back when we blitzed them, TUE, and Polaris. ODN's leader literally told us he would not be figh
  4. Really enjoying discussing things as "adults" with Nuke bloc.
  5. "Treaty Type: MDP Alliance: Fark" - SGM alliance page. How weird?
  6. You acting like TGH ain't been posting propaganda all over these last few days. Smh.
  7. I’ll have you know my mom brings me Doritos and code red, the true game fuel.
  8. Leaked footage of kosmo with NB reputation files.
  9. Pretty solid motion picture.
  10. Y’all can talk shit on lolbrok but I’m actually impressed with that shit he just pulled. He is definitely making grumpy earn their stripes. Keep that fire fueled dawg, I’m loving this shit.
  11. Are you saying you're going to re-enter? @Buorhann valid cb.
  12. The A-Meme, Team: Arc, Ark, Alk Infra Destroyed Soldier Kills Tank Kills Plane Kills Ship Kills Money Looted Arcknox 18,958.23 285,491.00 10,798.00 4,635.00 591.00 $19,238,394.88 Arkiri 43,180.89 1,576,416.00 68,696.00 8,918.00 129.00 $70,251,016.24 Alkaline 19,417.47 823,301.00 16,641.00
  13. Gotta prepare them with that realpolitik immersion.
  14. They say mockery is the greatest form of flattery - or something.
  15. Dr Trouble 3-Yesterday at 2:04 PM "Then why are your weaklings losing to me?"
  16. frick money. That kind of work is employed by food.
  17. When have I ever fought you? :kappa:
  18. Who else tryna hit targets with nukes to lose some of that population you gotta feed?
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