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  1. Smith

    I chuckled

    He will become a member of TKR and we will become The True The Golden Horde led by The True Burkhan
  2. Smith

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Oh thanks, not sure how I missed that
  3. Smith

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    @Alex did you ever get enough evidence to feel comfortable endorsing this? It's possible more people may donate if so
  4. Smith

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Sorry to hear about this difficult situation Biel, I hope things improve for you soon.
  5. Smith

    Frontier finds a New Artist!

    Part of the reason people don't make threads for every new protectorate is because when you have a lot of protectorates already, announcing a new one opens you up to being criticized. Or maybe because the protectorate is a controversial choice and they might get criticized for that. Or simply because the OWF can be toxic (take your whining for example) so they don't bother. People aren't doing it because they care about keeping the OWF clean and tidy for you. The more threads that are created announcing changes in an alliance's FA the more potential for discussion and conflict which drives this game. I wish more alliances made announcement threads like this
  6. t$'s RP is one of my favorite things about you guys. I wish more people did it
  7. Smith

    Numbers fun

    Ah a simple yet brilliant strategy. Even better nobody will notice you are doing it My understanding is the lines don't count if they are ODPs
  8. Smith

    Numbers fun

    Hopefully your successor will fix that
  9. Smith

    Numbers fun

    That's a fair question but it is not resource prices that will prevent substantial conflict from happening
  10. Smith

    Numbers fun

    It is not resource prices that will prevent substantial conflict from happening
  11. @Khai Jäger What are the Powerball numbers
  12. Smith

    Careful, it's Soup!

    I'm still doing it
  13. Smith

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Don't try to hide the truth Kev Though it goes deeper than even you know
  14. Smith

    Laugh isn't actually upvote?

    I imagine most people don't even know this is the case, I didn't until I saw this thread. Now I am unreasonably upset that I am missing out on potential upvotes. I also can't can't imagine that it is very common for people to use a laugh reaction as anything other than an upvote. @Alex please put all other game updates on hold until this is addressed
  15. Smith

    WTF is going on here?

    I believe this is a reminder that orange man bad

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