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  1. Think we found option '8'.
  2. Hello, you've reached the Whale support line. Please listen closely as our options have changed. Press '1' if you'd like to complain that content targeted for "late game" only helps whales. Press '2' if you'd like to vote against content targeting helping new players, while complaining there isn't enough content that helps new players. Press '3' if you'd like to complain that the admin doesn't listen to anyone except Prefontaine. Press '4' if you're Partisan. Press '5' if you think more needs to be done to help new players, even though a comprehensive tutorial has been announced to be implemented, players are reaching high city counts worlds quicker than previously, the market prices have been elevated to support the sale of resources which bolster new players economy, and several other factors. Press '6' if you complain about any change, regardless of what it is. Change is scary. Press '7' if you would like to post a constructive, well thought out critique of things, while presenting alternative ideas that, even though you may not think it, do get listened to and cause tweaks in conten-- I'm just kidding no one presses '7'. Press '0' to hear these options again, or stay on the line and one of our representatives will be with you shortly.
  3. I think the last time I interacted regularly with Legion it was back in the Lunar Wars day. I was in Guardian back then, hello to anyone who was around those parts, welcome to all.
  4. These changes will likely be delayed. The focus is currently on a new tutorial system.
  5. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=59331 I remember somewhere it being against the rules to name your nation after an alliance in hopes of intercepting bank transactions that fail to mark as alliance transaction versus national. If I'm incorrect please lock this thread.
  6. Move on from the past. But do not forget it.
  7. That's not quite right. That requires you to have pirate econ, your defensive slots filled, and win every war to get 9M every 2 days. Which is at most 31.5M a week. The requirement can be added that it needs to be an offensive war. That would put the cap at 5-6 wars that can get the bonus.
  8. Simple poll. When you defeat a nation in war you gain $1,000,000 for winning that war. This amount does not impact standard loot. This money does not come from the nation defeated. It is simply a reward for winning a war. With Pirate Econ you could have 6 wars active, and sending a defeat every ~2 days. Highly active and successful raiders could make an additional 15-20M a week-ish.
  9. Cash likely wouldn’t work with the new anti loot stuff, which I’m hoping to tweak to the city scalable route. Raws would probably be the way to go. Maybe a combo of the 50 day bonus for just cash, and a flat rate for raws. Additional idea, maybe regardless of what the nation has on hand a player will always make at least 1 mil for a victory in a war.
  10. Not at all, if anything it will encourage it. Nations will have more loot on hand. It's 50 days. If anything it might keep some people around a little longer as it gives them more money/resources to play with for the first month and a half. And as I said above it'll encourage raiding as if you're just sitting there producing, you'll get hit. And if people were gonna quit because they got hit they were gonna quit with or without the bonus. Your concerns about this are therefore irrelevant.
  11. I'm not trying to revert anything to anything and I'm not the driving force behind war system changes, so lashing out at me isn't really going to get you anywhere. First, to explain some things with the war system that might not be universally known, whether you get an Immense Triumph, a Moderate Success, a Pyrrhic, or an Utter Failure that has no impact on the units killed/lost. Getting a different victory (or loss) does not add a modifier to your kills or losses. Second, the way getting one of those victories or failures works is the game simulates 3 rolls of your units versus theirs. If you win 3/3, you get an IT. If you win 2/3 you get a MS. If you win 1/3 you get a Pyr. If you get 0/3 you get an UF. To my knowledge, this is how it's always worked. Third, when performing ground attacks there is an additional benefit towards the defenders that becomes more apparent when you only attack with soldiers. There exists a defenders bonus based on population (I don't have the math handy and that's something Alex would have to provide). So while you might be attacking even soldiers versus even soldiers, the defending nation has their population able to help. Obviously average people aren't nearly as important as soldiers but they do contribute a small amount. Again, you'd need Alex for the numbers. Now we get to your two examples. The first one you got an unlucky roll or they got a lucky roll, or both happened once out of the three simulated rolls. Getting an unlucky Moderate or a lucky Pyr have happened often. Your second attack is an example of that population bonus in effect. The reason he loses a larger army value is because he had tanks that you were able to kill. The first attacker did not.
  12. Concept is simple. First 50 days players receive a % bonus on all raw resources mined and National tax revenue. Should the % tick down every day, be 100% half the time 50% the other half, or 100% the whole way through. Or nothing at all. These bonuses apply only to raw production (not refined) and national tax revenue Seen here. Edit: And to be clear this is only for new nations.
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