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  1. Prefontaine

    SNN: Tangerine

    Friendly neighborhood advocate of leaving old allies behind and finding new ones from time to time here. Stating you're leaving being formal allies while still willing to get each others backs if push comes to shove is not breaking ties and getting new ones, it's appearing to break ties and stack on more. Part of the reason you all were hit in the last war. Something I've said often in my time here. You don't have to ally your friends. You can also ally your enemies. Politics is politics. Perhaps you and a past enemy have a new common enemy, or common goal. You can work with people you don't like to achieve things. When you constantly work with your same friends, you stagnate politics. If you'll always get their back with or without treaties while being a papered alliance, you again stagnate politics. If you do intend on breaking your treaties, I hope the next time you're involved together in a war it's against one another. That would make a far more interesting story, and you'd be surprised how fun it can be fighting friends. The point is, don't break the treaty and still support each other as if you hadn't. Break the treaty and forge your own paths independent of one another. Don't fall back and lean upon your former friends simply because it's easy.
  2. Prefontaine

    Image links for VIP keep breaking.

    Will see if that fix lasts longer than refreshing the links. Thanks.
  3. Prefontaine

    Image links for VIP keep breaking.

    And my refund @Alex ? You can remove my VIP, I don't want to bother wasting the time to fix all the images I spent time to upload and resize. So please refund my credit. Clearly it's an administrator mistake which still listed a broken hosting service.
  4. Prefontaine

    Image links for VIP keep breaking.

    Literally the first thing in VIP says to use imgur and links to their site. Portrait As a VIP, you can update your Portrait to an image of your choosing. Your portrait is displayed on your nation page, at a maximum size of 150 pixels by 150 pixels. You must enter a URL to another site where your Portrait is hosted, so if you have a saved file upload it to a site like Imgur.
  5. Prefontaine

    Image links for VIP keep breaking.

    Considering this a service that requires credits, which requires money it should be working better than virtually all other aspects of your game @Alex I routinely have to reload all images linked to my account for military units, portrait, cover image etc. Those images are also host on the recommended site, Imgur. Please refund 1 credit to my account due to this poor programming. EDIT: To be clear the images did work for a period of time, then suddenly stopped.
  6. Prefontaine

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    Close wars cause resource warchest to be hit harder than one-sided ones. When one side has a clear advantage and the other side is in guerrilla warfare mode the usage of steel and aluminum drops. Production also lowers, but with the inability to destroy improvements and the ability for nations to have 1000 infra but the improvement slots of 2500 infra sort of makes the lower production barely a factor. What a prolonged war does is not damage the losing sides resource warchest, but their financial one. It also prohibits their growth in most cases. The market jumps a lot post war because people are either selling to replenish cash for rebuilds, or buying to replenish war chests.
  7. Prefontaine


    Anyone playing?
  8. Prefontaine

    SNN: The Wizard

  9. Prefontaine

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    IQ, EMC and TKR Sphere, Paracov, most spheres go Protectorate crazy.
  10. Prefontaine

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    Since Partisan is no more there's no reason to keep this intel private, his plan was to unite a bunch of small alliances under the protectorate banner to have tS seemed to be less of a threat. After the war he was going to continue to grow/foster the micro band of doom under Syndicate to be used against IQ/TKRsphere should the need arise, or if IQ became saucy and tried to isolate them post-war. Mind you this was a Partisan plan, not a tS plan, they weren't privy to that knowledge.
  11. Prefontaine

    Along the Lines of a Generic Announcement

    This has been my favorite post of the wars end.
  12. Prefontaine

    The Future of PnW

    Yes yes yes, clearly our unwillingness to budge from your sides refusals was clearly the reason it dragged out 🙄. As I said had the terms reached been proposed by your side early on the war would have been done long ago. We didn't have a need to peace out, due to all the winning. Virtually all the talk I saw in our channels was "We're fine letting this go as long as it needs to". No needed a peace, was there even a want? Not really. It was a more apathy towards peace. If it happens it happens, if not, that's okay too. The fact that you think the terms were ridiculous just further solidifies the fact of how little you actually understand about these games. The fact that you think the side who supplied the original terms had to make counter offers is hilarious. As someone who actually does contractual negotiations, when coming from the position of power (see: winning side) and you go "we want X", and the side coming from no power (see: losing side) goes "no". The onus doesn't fall on us to find a compromise when there's no reason to. You guys need to come up with something we find acceptable. The fact that you don't understand that sort of thing.. I mean.. SRD my man. I'm at a loss for words. Going to go back to ignoring you, consider your overwhelming ignorance a victory.
  13. Prefontaine

    The Future of PnW

    You absolutely can. The joke terms were not what held up the peace talks. There were moments that they slowed things down, yes, but what caused months of stagnation was the desire to protect Vacation Mode Nations/War Dodgers and The bot. And delays caused by joke terms were handled in a fraction of the time, and honestly could have been entirely handled in a day or two should representatives in the negotiations been more active. The people handling negotiations for their side were a joke. When still wanting to get art for returning trades is the hill you want to die upon for months then yes, I will call that stupid. The GOB term which clogging things up was resolved pretty quickly once SRD/Ripper made an effort to resolve it beyond the initial GOB response of "fark you". The hiccup between Guardian and TEst was resolved with "If you don't like the term months after agreeing to it, you can buy your way out or simply suggest something similarly styled and we can work it out". Our joke terms didn't grind down the negotiations for months. Their desire to keep art requirements for returned funds did. That's the difference. This war took 4-5 months of prep work in bringing people together. You're not wrong. It's called political maneuvering. I made it sound like it was take it or leave it, and like you said, we got what we wanted. There wasn't miscommunication. Simply the political theater of it all.
  14. Prefontaine

    The Future of PnW

    In depth and highly inaccurate analysis. The point of the trade bot term was accomplished for everyone fighting, thus no concession. Had they offered that compromise in the first week of negotiations it would have been accepted. The hang up was in the art stupidity that TKR had. They valiantly fought in hopes of keeping art for return trades. Definitely worth it. Arrgh decided it didn’t want the Arrgh term. It was dropped per their request while there were still other issues. The main reason you’re so absolutely utterly wrong is there was NO reason to drag the fighting out that long outside of laziness/stupidity on TKR spheres side OR they just didn’t want the war to end yet. The conclusion that was reached could have been reached months ago had TKR sphere made any effort in peace talks. They were obscenely inactive. Had the terms we ended with been reached in the first few days the war would have likely been over within the week of the agreement. Them holding out and fighting did not get them better terms. They would have gotten the same terms without holding out two extra months. That’s why you’re wrong. There was no point to holding out unless it’s what they wanted. Besides that it was pure ineptitude by all of their leadership.
  15. Prefontaine

    It's NAP time

    I'm just surprised Grumpy downgraded its treaty with Guardian to a NAP and hired SRD to do their announcements for them.

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