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  1. The primary difference in your example with t$ is that they declared offensively, where as we were declared upon. They also hold military agreements with a major party involved (though they were not involved at the time of the declaration). Yarr has no military treaty with any alliance involved. We provide no military service to Rose in return for that protectorate. It's a purely one way street, which we've made very clear even before this whole war popped off. I'm also not looking to debate every hypothetical, or past instances, I'll leave that up to you. However I would recommend if an alliance is adamantly stating they are not a part of a side in a war, has made clear attempts to seek peace outside of the coalitions, and is requesting to be left out of the stat tracker to protect their neutrality (when they are a neutral alliance) that you respect the wishes of that alliance. If there were compelling evidence which shows Yarr is in fact a part of Coalition A or B I would be less vocal about the removal because it would be a grey area. From everything I've seen the only evidence provided is that Yarr is protected by Rose, which is the reason for the war. I'm not attempting to argue the validity of a CB, as far as I'm concerned they're valid in attacking us if they view us as an ally of Rose. That's fine. However as an alliance we are telling you we are not on the side of Coalition A, where Rose is. While BK and others might view us as a part of Rose's sphere, that doesn't mean we are. I can view NPO as an ally of TKR, I can also attack you while I'm fighting TKR if that is my belief. However that does not mean you are an ally, or on the same side as TKR.
  2. First, Swagrr has no treaty with Yarr, it was cancelled around a week after they started. Second, you do not get to put us on a side of a war. You might have attacked us because you viewed us as part of their side, however you do not get to determine the side Yarr is on. Yarr gets to decide what side we are on. Just because you attack us does not make us allies of or on the same side as others you attacked. BK, or anyone else fighting us does not get to dictate Yarr foreign policy. I cannot emphasize that enough. We are not a part of Coalition A. If Someone from Coalition A attacked us it does not put us on Coalition B. Yarr, and Yarr alone determines which side, if any, they fall on in a global conflict. Yarr has stated numerous times that it has no desire to join any side in this war and is a neutral entity. You have no alternative other than to accept that decision whether your attacking us or not.
  3. Don't you have to sell your improvements to sell down? Having them get blown up saves your improvements, especially when it's exclusively from air. This is a very real reason for keeping the infra. From what I can see the only reason you all would want us to sell our infra is to lessen the damage stat padding going on from it. To which is the point of my post in the stats thread about Yarr not being listed on the stats. We're in neither coalition A or B, and shouldn't be accounted for as such. I suppose you could be hoping we'd sell down and more quickly help engage a lower tier front -- but Yarr is not part of your coalition. Our goal is not to slug it out. We are truly retired. Please note I don't speak for Swagrr. They are their own alliance and I wish them the best in however they carry on during this conflict. Yarr's goal is a swift end to our conflict and a return to our retirement beach hammocks.
  4. I'm in town for a day before leaving again. I've noticed Yarr has been added to the coalition stats. This needs to be corrected. Yarr is not apart of this war. You may create a new war stat page for a separate conflict if you wish or at the very least a separate third front, but we are in no way tied to the current war. Your inclusion of our alliance, against our will, is a clear demonstration of this tool being used in a biased manner. The alliances in charge of this stat tracking do not get to control other alliances sovereignty. Yarr is not part of Coalition A, or B. You do not get to force us into a side or a war we are not a part of. Please edit this error.
  5. The Wiki is evil. Do not promote such garbage.
  6. As Alex said, he's not giving us the list, so lets get together and post what there is. Please include a copy of the image https://politicsandwar.com/nation/edit/achievements/ [CURRENT TOTAL - 37/??] Active Login for a week consecutively Influential Be the Leader of a Top 15 Alliance Big Shipper Trade more than 50,000 resources at once Piggy Banker Make a Deposit to an Alliance Bank A Small Loan Receive $1,000,000 from an alliance bank Dr. Evil Have $1,000,000 in your nation Take to the Skies Build a Hangar Death From Above Have more than 1,000 Aircraft Carpet Bomber Destroy 250 Infrastructure in an Airstrike Boaty McBoatface Have over 500 ships Blockadier Blockade an Enemy Nation Moby Dick Have 20 or more cities Big Fish Have 10 or more cities Nuclear Capable Build the Nuclear Research Facility National Project Fat Man Build a Nuclear Weapon Arsenal Have at least 10 Nuclear Weapons Mutually Assured Have over 100 Nuclear Weapons Fraggle Approved Have over 500 Nuclear Weapons A Dish Best Served Cold Win an Attrition War Lose Lose a war Octopus Be engaged in 8 wars at once Raider Win a raid war Peacemaker End a war in a truce Underdog Win a war against a nation with a higher score than you Strategist Win at least 25 wars Hannibal Win over 200 wars Very Important Player Have VIP Princeps Civitatis Have your Approval Rating reach 100% Back to the Mines Have your Approval Rating reach 0% Starvation Mode Run out of Food in Your nation Back in My Day Have a nation at least 1 year old Pirate More than $10,000,000 Lifetime money looted Blackbeard More than $250,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted Legendary Raider More than $1,000,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted Cat Person Nation name or Leader name contains the word Moneyball Have a Baseball Team Rating of 100 Happy Feet Locate your nation in Antarctica
  7. Knightfall began when I returned, INH brought me back with the intention to reform TEst with the specific goal of taking down TKR. I originally wanted to do that by teaming up with TKR and possibly pulling them away from their allies, bring them over to the evil side of things and let become the villain I hoped they'd be. Would have been a more interesting way doing things, but highly unlikely. So when that didn't produce any results I started looking at allies who would want to take down TKR. CoS was the first ally in that. Ripper and I talked in vague terms about "taking down those whom had never lost". That was his goal from the beginning. Ripper didn't care too much about the post-war plans much, similarly with TEst. We even talked about having a fight between ourselves sometime after the goal was completed. The sides which cared the most about the post war climate were yourself, and Partisan even more so. Partisan had the requirement of IQ, BK-NPO ties specifically being a thing of the past post war. CoS and TEst were just there to see the side which had never lost, lose. Thus, we offered IQ and tS-sphere whatever they needed to get the job done and work together with us on this. The final idea was NPO, to help foster a more positive political climate post war would break off from BK, sign tS and keep one or two of their smaller allies along with tS keeping one or two allies and create a new sphere. During this formative phase TEst and CoS would protect this new sphere. However with Partisan being a key piece of this plan as only 4 people knew of it and then retiring abruptly, that plan sort of fell to shit. Combine that with my departure from a meaningful existence around here and TEst's near merging into CoS and Knightfall itself dragging on for far too long, the plan became very muddied. When you say the war was sold as "fracturing IQ", that was only part of it. It was creating a new political world where the sphere which had been strangling power for the last 2 years was badly beaten, and the bloc which had strangled the power in the mid-tier was scattered. To have this world both things needed to happen. The toppling of the EMC remnants came with the war, the fracturing of IQ was a political condition -- specifically of Partisan/tS -- that made rolling TKR sphere possible. One of the first conversations you and I had about taking down TKR was along the lines of "Do you want me to hand you the game?" TEst and CoS (see: Ripper) were of a similar mindset. We didn't care who won the political maneuvering side of the war, we just wanted to fight TKR and their allies with a chance of getting a win. The politics of things were up to Partisan and yourself, honestly. We were just providing the opportunity for a new political dynamic to take hold in the game. tl;dr Ripper didn't have any intentions in Knightfall outside of beating TKR and their allies.
  8. Yarr's goal of seeing steel prices rise above 4k PPU were even reached during this war. You guys can peace out whenever.
  9. Your pleb tier trash talk offends me. Even the worst of the old pirates were better than you.
  10. Lets take a 2000 infra 20 city nation. They have 40 Improvements per city, and thus 800 total improvements. A nuke takes 12 maps and kills 2 improvements. That's 2400 MAPs just to take a nation down to half of their improvements, or 200 nukes. You can launch 4 nukes per war without them fortifying. Thus, it would take 50 wars of nuking just to take down 50% of their improvements. Meanwhile the amount of infra destruction from each city getting nuked twice, and half them getting it thrice would leave them at virtually no infra left. Meanwhile they still have 50% of their improvements working. And that's just nukes. Missiles are even slower. Navy/Ground are RNG.
  11. Partisan and I have quit the game 47 times each, and are still making the same jokes. He also still hasn’t gotten his name back.
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