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  1. You could have reduced that entire nonsense into a few sentences relating the situation specifically to the game rules, but you chose to make moralisms and false dichotomies. Let’s be honest. This is the only part which matters in your argument, which contains a false dichotomy. No, they are not being coerced or encouraged to quit the game. They can easily leave their existing alliance and join ours or a different one to play without getting rolled - which is, part of the game. You know what else they could do? Call in their protector, Black Skies, led by you, to fight back. We have al
  2. Nation ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=220149 Leader: Golden period india Accusation: Transferring resources between multi accounts Bank of zephyrus multi report Possible multis for: Bank of zephyrus verified: false networks total: 1 Possible multis for: uthmaan empire shared networks: 1/9 - 18399773225791568627494589901: concurrent 3rd party transfers: - 2020-08-03 | Trades | sender: Zephyrus bank | receiver: Bank of zephyrus | banker: Bank of zephyrus | 1,500xALUMINUM -> 2020-08-03 | Savings | sender: uthmaan empire | receiver: Zephyrus bank | ba
  3. "Ground Control: Can destroy opponent\"
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=228926 Blank nation created 1/1/1970
  5. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Empyrea Most Powerful Alliance: N/A Best Military: N/A Best Rookie Alliance: Solitude Best Flag: Empyrea Best War Flag: The Revolutionary Front Most Active Alliance: Cobra Kai Dojo Most Honourable Alliance: N/A Most Improved Alliance: N/A Best Diplomatic Team: N/A Best Economic System: New Pacific Order Best Recruiting Staff: New Pacific Order Best Propaganda Staff: Black Knights Best Alliance Growth: N/A Best Forums: New Pacific Order Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2
  6. Congratulations, and well fought! Red salutes to the new Pharoah! o7
  7. The falsifiers of Egyptian Empire show their true colours once again!
  8. Let the record show that Egyptian "Empire" also willingly tried to change their Declaration of War into a Recognition of Hostilities in order to mislead the masses of Orbis. Shame!
  9. Empyrea is absolutely disgusted, disgusted, by the actions of the Egyptian Empire and the self-fellating Pharoah El Cach. First they try to poach our members (they didn't even succeed with that), and then they declare war on us! We have no choice but to recognize Egyptian Empire's declaration of war upon us and unleash the full might of chaos undivided. Let the ten plagues fall upon Egypt! o7 https://imgur.com/a/hawqWDg
  10. What the hell else did you expect when you tried poaching our members? A gift basket full of money?
  11. I have been suffering from this every 2 months. If you don't do the notification, could the images (military, city, religion, ) at least be saved so I don't have to re-add them after I rebuy VIP?
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