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  1. VT has also declared some wars. Unfortunately most of Amarr already got rolled but more attacks will be coming from Ellipsis (UL, VT, GATO) once Amarr's members get out of beige
  2. Definition of ellipsis: The omission of one or more words that are obviously understood but that must be supplied to make a construction grammatically complete A sudden leap from one topic to another Marks or a mark (such as … ) indicating an omission (as of words) or a pause The alliance formed between a legion, a void, and an organization The ellipsis (or the dot-dot-dot) is the most flexible punctuation in the English language. Have you ever needed to quote someone, but they have too many useless things to say in the middle? Don’t know how to respond to someone’s dumb suggestions on the forums? Ever just been speechless and didn’t know what to type? [...] This is what makes the ellipsis so great! (Not as good as the ampersand of course…) In order to spread knowledge of Ellipsis to the masses (and proper punctuation in general, God knows Orbis needs it…) The Void Touched, Unforgiven Legion, and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization hereby enter into this treaty of mutual defense and optional aggression, to be referred to as The Ellipsis Accords. The first order of this ellipsis is to annihilate the Amarr Empire, who currently seeks to remove one of the three dots that makes us up. In the name of the Unforgiven Legion, The Void Touched, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, we declare the newly-founded Ellipsis to be in a state of war with Amarr Empire. TL;DR Ellipsis micro-bloc announced & declares war on Amarr Empire
  3. TLDR: In an attempt to keep our allies out of the fighting, Jordan from the the bushrangers (attached to OD) created a completely fake conversation to make it appear I was threatening their member. Here is a quick explanation of what happened and I will put the evidence in a lower paragraph. A member from OD recently attacked me. When the Unforgiven Legion noticed his raid, our guys countered. However Jordy Hams Vll, a leader of the bushrangers which is an attached alliance, ordered members from OD to counter our counters. Things escalated as more people joined, however when one of our members was slotted, he nuked an OD member in self defense. Jordan was so mad that he not only attacked a member who wasn't even involved in the scrimmage, but he wanted to try to turn the blame on me, so he worked with other people to create a completely fake conversation and tried to put my discord photo and name in it to make it look like it was me. The fake conversation tried to manipulate people into thinking that I was threatening one of the guy who raided me. They then sent the fake conversation to our allies as a means of trying to convince them to stay out of the war, luckily we were able to show them adequate proof of the fabrication. The faked conversation was poorly constructed and has countless contradictions which I will mention below with our evidence. We are currently unsure if all of OD was involved in this forgery, or if it was only Jordan working with a few conspirators. I want to be thorough so this may be a bit long but here is our evidence. Attached to this forum is all of the pictures. For clarification the screen shots they falsified are labeled "Fake evidence #" First lets debunk the espionage. In "Fake evidence 2" they clearly tried to hide the time of the operation. I wasn't the one who spied but the person who did spied not only did so long after their attack on me, but he was also under attack himself. Luckily we have a screen shot that shows the time of the operation shown in "My proof 1" . Compare that to the screen shot of "My proof 2" which shows the start of their raid. It is clearly shown that the espionage operation was conducted long after the war started, which contradicts with how the conversation in "Fake Evidence 1" tires to make it look like I spied before the war and used that information to threaten him. Also if he was out of munitions at the start of the war then he would not have been able to airstrike twice like he did in the beginning of the war. Now Let's Debunk the conversations themselves. The screen shots of the real conversation are shown in "My proof 3" and "My proof 4". Sadly since "My proof 5" and "My proof 6" are videos, I don't think it will let me upload them with the pictures but I will gladly send them over discord to anyone who ask. "My proof 5" is a video showing me refreshing my browser and scrolling through the conversation to show that I did not edit the screen shots in any way. "My proof 6" is a video of me screen recording on my phone and scrolling through the conversation to give y'all a more clear picture. In "Fake Evidence 5" Clatto accused me of deleting the convo from "Fake evidence 1", however that is not possible because on discord I can only delete what I post, not what he posted. Therefore if that conversation really did occur, then at the top of "My proof 3" you would see what he posted from earlier. In addition, considering that "I was threatening him", in "My proof 3" he had a very friendly introduction, and he even admitted that he was trying to start the war for money. While UA was moderating a debate in our embassy, they said that in order to prove the authenticity of "My proof 3" and "My proof 4", that he wanted me to share my screen as I scroll though the conversation live. Not only did Jordan refuse to join the discord video call as I presented my proof "because he was scared about malware", but later we asked him to do the same thing with Clayto88's screen to show the conversation he claimed to have, Jordan refused to do that as well becuse "he did not want to violate Clayto88's privacy by showing us the chat even though they already took screen shots of it". Now that the evidence has been presented I would like to add that it is absolutely disgraceful that he resorted to falsifying evidence. Like I mentioned earlier, we don't know who in OD was involved in the forgery. Who knows maybe he also trying to deceive the other leaders into believing the war is justified. But I don't want to speculate. However it should be known that Jordy Hams Vll, and anyone else in OD who was involved in the forgery can not be trusted and everyone should take caution when dealing with him. I would like to apologize that the pictures are not labled I am a noob and I thought they would be but here is the order pics 1-4 "Fake evidence 1-4" in order (it is a little difficult to difrenciate between these photos since they are paired together but my proof starts with the pic of the in game notification) Pics 5-9 "My proof 1-4" in order Pic 10 "Fake evidence 5" and Like I said since it didn't let me post them I will send the videos over discord to anyone who wants to see Sorry to make it difficult
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