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  1. Four

    Tags for posts

    I'll see about getting tags set up - makes sense. For now just use brackets. [closed] [open] [etc]
  2. Just to be clear - lets not rub anything in anyone's face. Your plan was given the benefit of the doubt, that is why your plan is in the works. This plan is to foster the current and future growth of this forum community. Rubbing it in faces and then basically telling others to go to another forum is not why you were given the chance to make this plan work. Should your plan fail - it will go back to a mod control via Alice. It is up to you and your team to prove to admin/mod that this forum can be handled in a fair and positive manner.
  3. To assist with this matter - a plan has been created, it has been shared with Alex, Myself, and Alice. This plan would provide a balanced operation of map creation, editing, and further prosperity of this RP community. I would like to echo that the actions of moderation stepping in to assist was not an attempt to police the community, it was an attempt to moderate the going-ons and actually install a sense of due process with the current power held over RP. Regardless of the popular belief of solaris - our goal was and always is to ensure proper rules are being followed with proper enforcement and to ensure the community has the ability to grow and prosper without any type of stranglehold of power. No, Evas posts were not erased. They were temporarily moved to an archive within a moderation forum. No, we did not steal anything - nor did we delete anyone of your items within those threads. The map was re-purposed to show information currently held and a grid was added. While this new plan is created and installed properly, please carry on with your daily RP activities. It is our goal to have everything ship-shape as soon as we possibly can. Sorry for the confusion, inconvenience, and harshness of the actions here. O/
  4. Four

    Oi, Mods.

    We will make out just fine. Thanks though. Also - map looks fine to me - just added a grid.
  5. Four

    Oi, Mods.

    Simply put - No. After multiple reports of abuse and a large flow of reports - the best and only option was to put the map in control of moderators, for fairness. This decision will not be overturned. I do think it is pretty funny that majority of the reports come from you (solaris) - you claim things need to change - yet when there is a change, that will actually benefit the community you're the first to speak out against it. Maybe you should take a break from RP for a bit to steady your footing and figure out where exactly you stand here in this community. To the rest of you - mods being in control of the map is not a bad thing. It allows us to have to pay attention to this forum and it allows for a bit of an organized roleplay for each of you. With regards to the every day activities, you won't be seeing us jump in unless a rule break is made. We ask that you go about your day here in RP like usual. Keep up the great RP!
  6. Four

    Checking in!

    Took a break from the forum of RP to focus on other areas that needed a soft touch. haha
  7. Hey RP Crews, Hows it going? Haven't been receiving much reports from these forums since the addition to organic RP - not sure if that is good or bad. Hope you're all doing your own thing and having fun with it.
  8. Four

    Before the squeelers whine

    Like stated above - unless otherwise proven that you is a lie and you is a multi, we good. Closed.
  9. Four

    Rose Declares War on TKR

    This thread has been locked for being a fake alliance announcement. OP has been notified.
  10. Four

    Unpin unkept RP thread

    Looks like someone took care of this for ya.
  11. Four

    Eleven Culturally Enriched in Ohio

    GENERAL VERBAL WARNING #1 Pursuant to the new moderation rules - this thread is receiving a public verbal warning to all participants. This is a warning to put this thread back on track to a real discussion without rule violations or ooc attacks. If you are interested in reading about this rule, please see here. This thread will be closed after the 2nd warning. Shape it up. Thank You.
  12. Four

    NatRP is Dying: Suggestions to Save it

    Well - there is not much I can do from my angle to get people to start posting more RP for their nations or in the new organic rp forum. These things can't be forced. It really comes down to you guys and figuring out what you can to together to create an environment of RP that continually grows.
  13. I say who ever has the time and patience for the map should do it. Ultimately, you guys can just work together.
  14. You guys are doing a great job. It is great to have this live! Now, have some fun!
  15. Schwieger for the Map Thread. Thanks o/

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