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  1. Personally I voted for leaving cos the game is awful these days. You may see us again on stranger shores. Watch out for our banners in other games.
  2. The first part of the thread is one half of this war posting about how they're going to wreck the other half. The second part is that same group posting excuses as to why they didn't.
  3. "Everyone worse than me at a game is a retarded noob, everyone better than me is a no lifer nerd" -every salty little !@#$ ever.
  4. I logged in like twice a month before this war kicked off. The game is shit. Don't confuse P&W inactivity for Mensa inactivity. We will always be around when needed.
  5. Just posting to point out that unlike some people I don't need to make second/fake accounts and if I wanted to call Roz a waste of oxygen I would. PS this game is really boring
  6. I can't believe how biased this game is against anyone with a brain. It's like using the mechanics is punished every time. Thinking of new ways to get the upper hand is literally the only interesting thing left to do in this game. It'll never grow if you keep on with this garbage, in fact it'll have the opposite effect.
  7. Dear all, I thought I'd do a new series of articles/threads consisting of text interviews with various people involved in the community in some sort of leadership position. Politics in this game is notoriously murky and for those who are cannon fodder in the many top alliances, leaders (both allies and enemies) can be just names. I hope to change that by speaking with those leaders and publishing the interviews here on the OWF. As I don't know that many people on a personal basis, I decided to start with a guy I've spoken to before, both here on the OWF and on the glorious MENSA boards
  8. "My candidate lost by 1%, welp, time to go shoot everyone" - nobody ever
  9. Let's not get scientific Rahl. You'm scientemists can't know everythang
  10. Wait, so what you're saying is Donald Trump is a hairbrained moron who will say whatever is in his best interests at any given time? Who'd have thunk it?` (hair pun intentional)
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