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  1. Grima

    A WiFi DoW

    MoonShadow, I condemn in the strongest of terms your notion that Banned is stealing from us. We are willing participants in WiFi’s programs. Banned is our dear and beloved leader. We will stand by him and he will stand by us. He has looked after each of us and has adequately been meeting our every need. He has invested in us more than you can possible imagine. He has gone above and beyond for us and continues to do so. I think I speak for everyone in WiFi when I say we don’t care to hear your explanations or reasonings for this notion because it appears to me to simply be otherworldly bitterness. ~ Astolfo
  2. May this tree-ty give many delicious apples for all.
  3. Best of luck to my former alliance friends at RUM in this new endeavor in this new year.
  4. I don't even know what's happening anymore so welcome to the za warudo.
  5. This alliance has been very successful. We can only aspire to be this great.
  6. Understood. Operation The Fish Rots From The Head is ongoing. Preparations for The Early Bird Gets The Worm are underway. Planning for Kill Two Birds With One Stone is proceeding optimally. You are read and understood. Godspeed. *salutes*
  7. I'm always one to endorse weebism, nyaa. Congratulations Shinji.
  8. wew Happy New Year - may the next be as sweet as honey as the first!
  9. I agree, it has terriable people. I consider myself such one. Absolutely impossable to dispute that. I recomend playing this game. Heve fun. Also, covfefe.
  10. This is something I can get behind. Impress, suppress and oppress. Make them guess and watch them stress.
  11. I've enjoyed these before long ago so naturally I should probably enjoy this. I'll hit it up if I'm around.
  12. Grima

    ASC DoE

    I'm going to disregard your existence.
  13. We so poplar. I think. Maybe.
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