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  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    First, why does it matter? Plenty of people criticized KT's theme. I'm sure you didn't appreciate or care because you wanted a crusader theme. Why turn around and criticize other people's themes? Black was SGM's color and red was TCI's. Are you trying to say SGM was anarchist? For your second point, are you saying TCI had more influence on the creation of TRF than SGM? Should we not have integrated them into our government because of some aversion to communism you might have? As for the last point, it says what we are right there. You're trying to find some hidden meanings that aren't there. You are building your narrative. So be it. But we know what we are and you can complain about it if you want. We are what it says on our alliance page, thanks for quoting it.
  2. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    We're not even communist. Revolution is our theme. Not sure what the problem here is. We are united under common goals and ready to go. Y'all are just criticizing for the hell of it.
  3. Guardian Announcement

    *waits for food to get crazy expensive*
  4. War Stats

    Lol you were the biggest doomsdayer at the time. This the post I'm referring to. Also yeah, my bad, it was Buorhann that said IQ could defeat the world if they had good activity. What a silly thing for him to think, all things considered. I knew from the start that IQ was a shit sphere and that they suck. It's pretty clear what you're implying in the post, particularly because you quoted yourself. So unless you were just shitposting, you were wrong. IQ didn't come in and secure a hegemony because of the power vacuum. Orbis isn't full of fluffy pixel hugger alliances and weak apologists. I mean you called KT a neutral alliance in the same thread. Many layers of wrong.
  5. War Stats

    I find it funny how when EMC broke up, everyone and their mother was crying about how IQ is a "true hegemony" and that even if all other alliances hit them, they'd still come out on top. I remember Sketchy going on a spree of shitposts about how the proponents of the EMC break up, went as far as tagging me, were stupid because IQ was now unstoppable. Guess those people were wrong. Nice work to the winning side!
  6. The Golden Shower

    I'm not surprised really and nor do I think having the most liked posts makes you "cool" or good people. KT was at the top for a while thanks to Thalmor. Soon enough the novelty of TGH will fade and all that will be remembered is how your members sling homophobic and racist terms around when things get "fast-paced". I mean Rickky is your FA man. Enough said there.
  7. New California Republic DoE

    Will always support you* you mean
  8. New California Republic DoE

    WE WILL BRING CIVILIZATION TO THE WASTELAND. So happy for you both! We gotchu, babes. Always in my heart <3
  9. Alchemic Fire DOE

    Woohoo congrats
  10. And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    Not sure why you're just trying to make our goddess look bad despite her already admitting to her own mistakes, but you literally accepted Kastor into your alliance. First you publically shame Queen about Kastor and then you accept him into your alliance. You might as well disband now because no one is going to respect you. Maybe IQ might ?
  11. Hide 'n Seek

    LMFAO Thalmor ?
  12. Hide 'n Seek

    I mean he's pretty skillful so I wouldn't put it past him
  13. Hide 'n Seek

    You know, I'm not really surprised anymore. Probably Vlad
  14. And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    March 15th is 4 days away not 4 months away
  15. And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    It's really not even that big of a mistake on Queen's part. She was told one thing and it wasn't true, that's not on her. If anything this just shows how much she's willing to risk in order to be compassionate to an alliance full of good people, other than Kastor of course. Would've been nice to work with AO if Kastor wasn't being fishy af