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  1. MDoAP Treaty between Entiti Rōrupurei and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon The Grand Council of Rōrupurei declares that the United Empire of Zah'Aharon is an honorary ally to all roleplayers. The Order of Rōrupurei fully endorses Zah'Aharon in the preservation of the ancient art of Roleplay. I. MDoAP In these times, the world stands in a cold war. Due to the fact that war could heat up at any moment, we must stand firm and ready. The Guardians of Rōrupurei shall defend the Imperials of Zah'Aharon. In return, should Entiti be in need of defense, the Imperials pledge to protect the Order of Rōrupurei. In case that either side starts an offensive war, the other can honorably decline a call to arms. II. Aid The coffers of our alliance are plentiful and constantly growing. Should the Imperials of Zah'Aharon ever face famine or war, Entiti may come to their aid as well as they may come to our aid in times of need. III. Intelligence Both sides shall promise to share the intelligence gathered by their wide network of spies. If a message is interpreted as being of substantial importance and may threat either the sovereignty of the Order of Rōrupurei or the Empire of Zah'Aharon, then the message must be shared. IV. Nullification of the Treatyf it comes to a harsh time, and either the Imperials or Guardians come to be on different sides or at odds, then a notification must be sent 72 hours prior to the nullification. Signed for Entiiti Rorupurei Emperor: Thruzan Empress: Uvoxyuwin Chairman of Foreign Affairs: DWag Executive of Foreign Affairs: Emperor of France Signed for The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Eternal Empress: Therana Eternal Empress: Alexia Lord of Economics: Hydraik Lord of Internal Affairs: Roose Bolton Supreme Commander: Lorhill Entiti Rōrupurei / The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
  2. My idea is in direct relation to this thread. If he hindered players from using the names of alliances, it would kill the sending of money mistakenly to a player or alliance who happen to have the same name.
  3. I agree. Also Alliance names should not be permitted to be used by ordinary players.
  4. On August 16th, 2017... at 00:05GMT, Entiti Rōrupurei was founded. We are the Entiti Rōrupurei, Entiti is composed of highly active and dedicated role players who united into a single entity. If you enjoy this art and the expanding of the mind, then this alliance is for you! Furthermore, we play games such as War Thunder, WoWs, CaH, SW... So join us for a few rounds. Our Discord To join Entiti, one must be invited by a sitting member. Our Constitution Our Government: Emperor: Thruzan -Council- Chairman: DWag Minister of Foreign Affairs: Spaz Minister of Internal Affairs: Robber Baron Minister of Economics: Thruzan Minister of Armed Forces: General Retekan Protected by: Knights Templar | Pantheon Raiding/War Issues, Contact: General Retekan Join us, Contact: Robber Baron or Thruzan FA inquiries? Contact: Thruzan, Spaz or DWag
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