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  1. Banned

    A WiFi DoW

    Skip out on the hot date we had for prom? No way. I spent too much money trying to pull off the whole "catholic school girl" look to let that go to waste.
  2. Banned

    A WiFi DoW

    I like to imagine it went something like this. Banned: Hey Roq, what you think about me hitting Ragnarok? Roquentin: Are you crazy? They will crush you. Banned: Hold my beer bro.
  3. Banned

    A WiFi DoW

    And now I know you're Devialance, your point?
  4. "Sir, there's no signal this far out to sea. And I don't think these longboats can make the journey into the Pacific." "Not like this they can't, my fellow Dane. Look, a blaze is consuming our fleet." -pg. 36, An Open Declaration of War Upon Ragnarok by WildFire in Defense of New Pacific Order Signed Banned, The God of Fire
  5. Useless paper with a useless alliance. Lordran is cool though. I just don't trust those WiFi folks. They seem shady.
  6. As I recall, the last time I kicked your teeth in I didn't fortify once. Can't say the same for your war tactics, but hey, whatever tickles your pickle there buddy.
  7. Dude... RUM... seriously. 2 treaty upgrades in one day? Slow down, it's a text based MMO guys and gal.
  8. TKR is a great bunch of allies. RUM, probably not worthy of this. But I'm sure they'll aspire to be.
  9. I will allow this. Hail allies or whatever people do here.
  10. This announcement is bad. This alliance is bad. You should feel bad.
  11. Had this same problem, but I did click 10 credits, but when payment was processed, only received 6. Not amused.
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