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  1. Hola, Hablo espanol 

  2. 3 months of war right? or shall i say within 1-2 week with TEst being victorious.
  3. So now i get it, the reason why IQ was inactive for years is that they had bots doing stuff for them and too "busy with rl". And now when they find out they were cheating. They did this below.
  4. for those that listen to this type of music
  5. Quite Relevant from a sports moment. 2020: Hold My Beer- PnW Manhwa signs
  6. :Insert Buor's Cultural Victory thing here: I think its relevant now, it was relevant years ago.
  7. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu

  8. So The Viridian Entente Wins. Keep still seeking, Seeker.
  9. Why is it going a Cybernations route? What if a project was the ability to hide nation's bank activity for a certain number of days? You can only reveal it by spy ops. Emp is a joke lol.
  10. Seems like the person that doesnt spell surrender correctly surrenders easily.
  11. The best way to fight climate change, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  12. With same people in leadership is the same NPO.
  13. Brilliant FA. Sign me up.
  14. who are these gooners? 

  15. @James II Mods don't care and don't have time for nations and their drama lol. Guess hes all about that and wheres the war?
  16. Indra Strikes Back Again
  17. so many noobs these days

  18. I guess now we are.sums up Orbis after this war.
  19. Why am I here? 

    1. Keza Purple
    2. Gandalf


      Why wouldn't you want to be here...that is the question!

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