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  1. Keza Purple

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    sorry to "put you all through it"?
  2. Keza Purple

    The End of a Reign of Terror in Orbis

    Valid CB, I approve. Roll him @Zeebrus
  3. Keza Purple

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    So its true, this is all part of Yui's plan all along
  4. Keza Purple

    A Change in the Wind

  5. Keza Purple

    Congratulations to Roquentin

    inb4 he says let them eat cake
  6. Keza Purple

    Make nukes kill military as well

    This reminds me of Cursed cyber something Nations, ew. Ring a bell?
  7. Keza Purple

    Name that war!

    You guys need to SORT things out. SORT (Strategic Offensive Reductions treaty, cuz yea people need to stop getting offensive) it out should be the name
  8. Keza Purple

    DEFCON 1 Declaration of Existence (DOE)

    I expect there a channel for hard style trance/techno music, but welcome to an interesting time in Orbis history nonetheless
  9. Keza Purple

    TUE RoW

    You are not hostile enough, according to their standards. Apparently they regard you as a pest.
  10. Keza Purple

    Something Dynamic™

    Should be changed to Rose can Blitz btw
  11. Keza Purple

    Oh Hi there

    You could be deceiving us, who knows
  12. Keza Purple

    Oh Hi there

    Thats pantheon's bank right there wait they were part of the plan? hmm
  13. Keza Purple

    Dear Pantheon

    I am waiting for Fist to come say, "I am back !@#$es: lol
  14. Keza Purple

    Conspiracies w/ Shifty

    Rose part 2
  15. Keza Purple

    Missing Alliances - PLEASE HELP

    I expected this to be a GPA announcement.
  16. Keza Purple

    A Nuclear Winter (NK-FB MADP)

    they should both still disband btw, orbis would be fine
  17. Keza Purple

    A Nuclear Winter (NK-FB MADP)

    Disband SK, oh wait Disband NK
  18. Keza Purple

    Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    sitting duck alliance, go on
  19. Keza Purple

    AIMing to be danker

    So this thread here is just a way to bring down capy's vote to negatives nice, keep doing it guys lol
  20. Keza Purple

    United Commomwealth of Nations

    TCW 0.1 version?
  21. Keza Purple

    Watch Smith Cry

    So Smith is small in this case?
  22. Keza Purple

    Zodiac is weak

    joke alliance of the year? lol
  23. Keza Purple

    Bringing Joy to a Grumpy Old Bastard's Heart

    brb coming.
  24. Keza Purple

    What is the most important step a man can take?

    I expected Lordship leg day reveal tbh @Lordship

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