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  1. Flanderlion

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    I think city costs should be discounted for nations under the average cities (with some exclusion so that players that join and stop playing within a few days don't count) - so it makes it easier for newer nations to catch up to the average but keeps the whales as whales. And it should be steel and aluminium instead of iron and bauxite imo, or even some of every resource if you can make a case for munitions being used as dynamite.
  2. Flanderlion

    Hard caps tied to averages

    I think the login bonus/etc. should be a tied to global income, and/or cities under the global average (bar noobs/inactives) should be discounted, so as the average city number increases, the ease to get to that number should also increase. I don't think caps should happen. In fact some of our caps currently are dumb, e.g. recycling centres etc.
  3. Flanderlion

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Like if we could host it onsite or these forums, have the results secret and announced on whatever radio show it is, that'd be fine. My two concerns are giving IP etc. data to complete strangers on their word that'll be fine and making sure the results are legit, both of which were fine last year but not with this change to some offsite thing. And re the NPO angle, someone in #public from outside our alliance was talking about that. Prior to that I brought it up in the Discord mod channel. Idk if Roq even cares about it and Keshav we persuaded him about it being worth standing up to now rather than dealing with it next year.
  4. Flanderlion

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Should be onsite. I don't particularly care who hosts it and although winning is nice, the main thing is it should be onsite here.
  5. Flanderlion

    War Stats - Knightfall

    If you actually look at the alliance stats you'll see that it does divide them. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/nation/59041 vs https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/alliance/3427 (you have to scroll down to his nation).
  6. Flanderlion

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Pretty much the entire aim of this is for longer wars before it reaches beige. In an alliance war where you're fighting to destroy your opponent, not for loot/to protect your infra etc. having the war stop and both sides have to sit and wait for the war to expire. The loot/infra loss doesn't really matter - beige gives your opponent a time of safety where they can build up. If it would unbalance unconventional weapons, isn't that an argument for them to be buffed like Ava was pushing for in another thread I noticed? Raids would be unchanged. Same resistance, same everything. Ordinary wars are usually when people forget to change to a different sort. Might be different for other alliances but I have very little experience with declaring ordinary wars except from before the choice was added. So I'm not sure why anyone would declare an ordinary as either you're there to loot them as they're less active (raid) or grind them and keep them down (attrition). Attrition ones are for alliance wars, where the entire point is to grind the opponent. Seems dumb to sit for a few days when you get a competent opponent when both you guys want to keep fighting one another but are forced to sit watching each other by a game mechanic that punishes your side for 'winning' a war. Given you go into an alliance war expecting 0 infra, once you're at the 0 mil state, it really doesn't make that much difference the couple more hits to your infra you'll get. I'm from an alliance which according to the wiki we haven't won a single war. I prefer fighting with a target rich environment unlike this war, and no, I'm not someone who runs to tech to get changes to buff themself. I think most of my suggestions (generally projects or stuff not posted here) don't even help me (I'm not a whale so new projects aren't that important to me specifically). With tech changes you've got to think of what's better for the OOC game longterm, not in the IC viewpoint of this war or the next one, but in the next few years etc. Just because you're in a losing war at present, doesn't mean you will be if this is implemented.
  7. Flanderlion

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Or increase resistance to win - 100 for raid, 150 for ordinary, 200 for attrition.
  8. Flanderlion

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    I'd send Roq rage messages if we ended that early. I'm hoping for at least 2 months, we've barely touched the surface of the whales, and there are still bad guys above my nation score...
  9. Flanderlion

    I heard there was a secret chord...

    Mean Keshav, congrats to BK for knocking us off from our perch.
  10. Flanderlion

    Name this war! - October 2018

    I'd be up for a round 2.0 after we clean up TKR, call it the Great Sock War, and have the minimum peace time so the wiki separates them into two seperate global wars.
  11. Flanderlion

    War Stats

    I mean, tbh. it kinda is, like our costs from this war are going to be way less than the oppositions (as long as the war keeps going for another few weeks so all the expensive infra of the opposition starts getting lower).
  12. Flanderlion

    Who needs food?

    But like, if I've got no infra or soldiers, do I even need food?
  13. Flanderlion

    PROJECT PROPOSAL - Naval Air Support System

    Personally I'd prefer AA to be default on naval ships (like cities fight back against soldiers) and the project instead gives you a carrier per X ships - so once you've finished your city air slots you can get a few more planes than the opposition.
  14. Flanderlion

    PROJECT PROPOSAL - Insurgency Program

    Wrong thread ignore:
  15. Flanderlion

    Alliance Category Voting - Official

    We missed y'all. I discovered there is an IQ bloc today, and evidently we're part of it (I think). Forums are just as salty and anti-NPO as when I last logged on. It's a vote, if you don't like the result and think it's exclusively us voting, then either suck it up or get your own guys to vote.
  16. Build to a certain amount of infra though please. I never realised how terrible I was at decimals until I started playing test.
  17. Flanderlion

    Resource Stockpile Limit

    If you're at the stage that you could 'unwillingly and unwittingly lose potentially millions of dollars in resources' then it isn't really a big deal when you lose it. A new nation who hasn't had time to learn there is a limit is the one that needs their hands held. Your nation is over one and a half years old, if you haven't taken the time to figure out there is a limit, you shouldn't be asking the admins to take the time to change the game because you didn't pay attention when spending. This reads like a 15 year old whiny rant when the world doesn't go his way. A million isn't a lot, so suck it up and move on.
  18. Flanderlion

    Recruitment Bots

    4+... Little more than that, maybe within the first few minutes, but there is a queue to reduce the spam thrown at a nation, so it filters through over the next few days.
  19. Flanderlion

    (test server) sheepy pls

    Your entire alliance is called Test, so surely you should understand that test is better than live (despite the bugs). It gets all the newest features, even the ones that don't make it to live and is continually updated to keep it fresh with new mechanics, bugs and exploits, and wiped every so often to prevent things from staying broken. Anyway, on test the revenue bug when you are on grey and alliance less is back. Not sure if it is alliance less as well which causes it, but I'm grey. Didn't happen when I was on a colour/beiged in an alliance. Left the alliance to hit some NPO peeps and bankruptcy quickly occurred.
  20. Flanderlion

    You All Can Stop Now

    I wanted war But peace works. o/ Good fight everyone (I'll even grudgingly include the one guy who deleted and remade his nation...)
  21. Flanderlion

    Dear BK and NPO

    We could bring in some NS between you and Sci (sorry for including you in the same sentence as it, I know you hate its guts and I'm fairly sure it feels the same about you). Planetside is always another option.
  22. Mushrooms falling from the sky if bribes aren't paid.
  23. Flanderlion

    Top 10 infra damage dealt this war (individuals)

    Yosodog - whatever our differences in war, you're a cool guy, and thank you for making this stat sheet.
  24. Flanderlion

    Dear BK and NPO

    Come down to our level. Then you'll understand you've been looking at the world the wrong way, and the bottom is more important than the top.

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