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  1. GOONS Bad GOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS BadGOONS Bad User has been issued a warning for Spam Posting.
  2. Soldiers upgrade. Soldiers and tanks do 5% more damage.They consume 10% more munitions .5% higher chance to destroy improvements.It would cost $25,000,000
  3. Ecological Terrorism- Destroys 10% of all Resource collection
  4. Industrial Sabotage-Decreases Industrial output by 10% for 1 in game day.You get 5% of the decreased 10% output
  5. Mass Production-Decreases Production cost for Military and Manufacturing by %10, Increases Manufacturing production by %15 cost- 10,000 Aluminum, 10,000 Steel, 10,000 Munitions, 10,000 Gasoline, $25,000,000
  6. Naval Minefield cost- $50000000 50000 munitions 20000 steel 500 ships Use- 1/8th chance to immediately repel a naval battle,1/10th chance to destroy the entire attacking fleet,1/58h chance to destroy half of attacking fleet ,and also immediately blockade the attacking nation.
  7. This is the first in depth, balanced, and generally good idea.for a project that iv seen for a while
  8. The new operation would be sabotage economy, It would Cut all resource mining in half, Alongside manufacturing, And steal 1/4th of all of the nations money.
  9. Submarine, It would be more powerful than a missile. But less powerful than a nuke. It can attack any city in the defending city. With Missiles
  10. Uhh You can also get it by winning a raid war against a nation with that resource
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