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  1. This would be a new war project which would create a weapon similar to the nuke. It is a Bio Weapon which would decrease Food Production,Increase Food usage,Decrease Resource production,Decrease Manufacturing, Eliminate Soldiers, Decrease Commerce, Increase Disease rate, and max out Pollution. all of this will last for at least 7 days.
  2. I believe that the game requires a national project that increases the production of mines from .25 per turn to .50 per turn or it could increase the limit of mines , this is because there are no resource projects that aren't mass irrigation or manufacturing
  3. That's an interesting thought
  4. This new game mechanic it would be a market where people could sell Aircraft,Soldiers,Naval ships,Missiles,and Nuke. To balance this when you get rid of things like how we do now you would get half the resources that you paid in with back. and to balance the nukes and missiles, If you don't have the infrastructure to build missiles or nukes, Then when you used them there would be a 50% chance that it would veer off course and hit your biggest city.I believe this feature would level out the prices of Steel,Munitions,Aluminium,Gas,and uranium. This would overall lower the prices of the entire economy.
  5. I am a supplier of oil and bauxite here is my id https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=176807 message me
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