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  1. Mr. Blonde


    Nearly 8 months ago, I was honored to accept an invitation to be a part of the moderation team here in Politics & War. Since that time, I have learned a lot, and contributed as much as I possibly could into making this community a great place to be a part of. I'd like to think that, at least on some levels, we've had success. I've watched the game evolve and the community grow. I'm proud to have served under Sheepy. He may be young, but he is one of the best admins I've known in these games. He cares about his players and his game. Recently, we brought a new moderator on board (Fizban) and I have faith that he will serve this community well. It is my belief that fresh blood can be good for the staff. With it comes new ideas, perspectives, and challenges. I believe he'll meet those challenges and support you all, and I hope that you'll support him, as well. With his arrival comes time for me to turn in my badge and collect an early retirement. My schedule is pretty tight these days and it'll be nice to take some time off. Thank you all for not making my job too terribly hard. Signing off, Mr. Blonde
  2. Mr. Blonde

    The Emperor has come...

    Nice. Welcome to Politics & War!
  3. Mr. Blonde

    Name the War?

    The War of Debatable Aggression
  4. Mr. Blonde

    I am not Unkajo

    Gravedig. Locked.
  5. Mr. Blonde

    Red Cards

    I see that now, thanks.
  6. Mr. Blonde

    Red Cards

    Posting account banned for no matching nation. Unless someone from either alliance can validate this treaty, I'm locking this thread.
  7. Mr. Blonde

    TeE (DoE)

    Gravedig. Locked.
  8. Mr. Blonde

    Thread Subscription System - Default Settings

    I've looked into it. There is no option for controlling this through the administrative control panel. It's strictly member preference. In your profile, under the Notifications settings, you should have the option to check if you want to enable automatic subscriptions or not, as well as other options. See the screenshot below. Let me know if you're having an issue with it.
  9. Mr. Blonde

    Email Notification Ceased

    Nope. Haven't altered any settings for any groups.
  10. Mr. Blonde


    Unlocked. Carry on.
  11. Mr. Blonde


    I find your lack of substance disturbing. Locked for spam.
  12. Mr. Blonde

    United Worlds II welcomes new members.

    This alliance has a recruitment topic already. Closed.
  13. Mr. Blonde

    Thread Subscription System - Default Settings

    I'll be happy to look at it shortly.
  14. Mr. Blonde


    Gravedig. Locked.
  15. Mr. Blonde

    Join the Green Protection Agency!

    The sell is the purpose of these topics. Spamming recruitment threads asking for information already available isn't necessary.

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