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  1. Nathan I

    Current War?

    This is gonna not end well...
  2. Nathan I

    World Geography!!

  3. Nathan I

    Count to 1001!

  4. Nathan I

    Current War?

    I think this is more of a conflict instead of a war.
  5. Nathan I

    In-Game date vs. Real Date

    Wait what?
  6. Nathan I

    New Erussian barracks bombed, War Declared on New Erussia

    Focus on infrastructure. Because you have no tanks, you can be quite vulnerable.
  7. Nathan I

    World Geography!!

    (ALDERAAN is a planet in Star Wars!) Norway
  8. Nathan I

    Misplaced Drydock

    Yes, this is correct. The improvement destroyed in ground attacks do not appear on the war timeline, but they do on the war messages (or notifications). This same applies to others.
  9. Nathan I

    In-Game date vs. Real Date

    No, this is Sparta. There's an alliance called ''Game Staff'' which is 3 times stronger as GPA!
  10. Nathan I

    Not getting my steel that I should be getting.

    Coal is necessary, VERY necessary. #coal4life
  11. Nah. This will allow larger nations to grow quicker, which in turn gets a huge disadvantage for the newbies.

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