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  1. "What are your thoughts on a raiding nation using nukes during their raid."

    -> You are missing an option. We have beiged nations with 4 nukes, due to having to low military to do any other kind of attacks. :P

    1. Sailor Jerry

      Sailor Jerry

      Not sure how to respond honestly.  Me personally, if I raided someone, got caught, then got jumped by 3 others in response, I think I'd try to find a diplomatic way to back out of the raid, like "My bad, I thought you were inactive" or some crap like my mind, back out with a little class.  Obviously the initial raider wasn't looking for straight out warfare or they would have built up their MAPs and started with nukes from the get go.....or big ass aircraft strikes.  Now that person has put a big target on themselves IF and when another world war breaks out, those 4 folks will be gunning for that raider.  If the raider had just back out gracefully, then if a world war breaks out, that person might just get overlooked by those 4.  Hey, to each their is a game after all so in the grand scheme of things.....not that huge of a deal really.

    2. Ripper


      Raiders don't back up, because there is nothing to fear from counters. The only way to make raids profitable while getting countered is more raids. You can attack 5 different alliances, but max three of them will hit back.

    3. Sailor Jerry

      Sailor Jerry

      Touché sir.......touché!  I see your point and it makes sense!