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  1. No, I don't think I'm wrong at all. I'll never support Trump, and as I said I could continue arguing if I wanted. But we all know how I can get sometimes. I don't want to end up saying something I'll regret as I have in the past (And have apologized for.) If you want to percieve this as a victory for you, go right ahead; by all means.
  2. Whatever guys, I could continue to argue, but I see this is going no where but into a potential flame war. I'll just agree to disagree. Also, Just for future reference, when I throw around ad hominem attacks, don't take it seriously. I have some deep rooted anger issues that I've been trying to clear up since my temporary departure. When I throw around insults, that's just how I argue. Don't take it personally from me, because I don't actually mean it.
  3. What the !@#$ are you talking about? It's not like the refugees intentionally fled to Europe just to leech off of everyone. They fled because the Middle East is a war-torn cluster!@#$ because of Americans military involvement there. You're literally calling hundreds of thousands of human lives "Wastage" because they're trying to escape the mess that we made in the first place. Thanks for proving me right that Trump supporters are Xenophobic morons.
  4. Spending millions of dollars futilely trying to get 11 million people out of the country and build a wall that they'll tunnel back under in a week. You aren't trying to fix the economy or reform immigration, you're trying to appeal to racists. A wall is a soundbite, not an answer. The costs of building a sufficient wall and then policing the entire border constantly are absurd. We already have partial walls, and people cross 50 miles of empty desert to try to get through anyway. There would be tunnels in place before construction broke ground if an entire wall were approved. Moreover... why do you want to STOP immigration anyway? What right do you have to say that we now have enough people here and no one else deserves to come? The vast majority are coming here to work and immigration is almost always a boon for GDP. If anyone should be pro-immigration it should be you and your capitalist overlords. So they're coming, whether you want them to or not, and you don't really have any right to say that no immigrants should be allowed anyway. If they're going to be here, the best possible scenario is them paying taxes and working at legal wages. What's the best way to do that? Give them legal status so we know what they're doing and so their employers don't abuse their illegal status to undercut American workers. And, on the assumption that they're going to continue to come in, this is continued by making the legal process to be here preferable to crossing 50 miles of desert and working for $3/hour.
  5. Please, post another stupid meme. I'm sure that'll change my mind.
  6. Are you actually that delusional? You think Hungary's wall is a good example for why we should build a wall? Hungary has completely copped out and has refused to help the rest of Europe with the refugee crisis. Also, the Israeli wall? Seriously? That wall has nothing to do with immigration in first place. The purpose of the wall is to keep civilians safe from terrorists and suicide bombers, because Israel is under constant threat from their Islamic extremist neighbors. When did I say securing borders is bad immigration reform? What the !@#$? I said a giant, expensive, useless !@#$ing wall is bad immigration reform. "Ugh, I support Trump because he's gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it." No he's not you !@#$ing idiot, you honestly believe Mexico is gonna build a !@#$ing wall? Trump hypes up this stupid wall idea to get people like you scared and angry, because scared and angry people are easy to manipulate. You don't ask about other problems, you don't question the validity of his ideas, you just hear him say "The brown Mexican people are threatening us and taking our gerbs, I will do something about it!" And you're set.
  7. I think I'm just going to go dowse myself in gasoline and light myself on fire. I can't possibly argue with someone who thinks a giant !@#$ing wall is good immigration reform.
  8. Are you actually going to sit there and criticize Sanders for "Pandering" when that is exactly what Trump does? You actually believe that a Wall, a soundbite to attract prejudice people, is a good immigration reform? As opposed to all the Xenophobic, Violent, Redneck imbeciles that occupy Trump rallies? Okay sure.
  9. Once again, I don't think we're talking about the same guy. Trump gets on stage, makes himself look like a !@#$ing buffoon. He insults people, he hushes people, he has the temperament of a four year old. He has the attitude of a perpetulant child. How the hell is that "cool as a cucumber?" Also, you claim that I'm getting triggered; as if to imply I'm some kind of butthurt SJW. That's such a cop out !@#$ing argument. I often wonder why Trump brings out the most annoying people humanity has to offer. I guess it's because he appeals to the lowest denominator and his retard supports have the exact same mentality as him.
  10. You both are delusional as hell. Like seriously, I sincerely feel bad for you both. Unless of course you're trolling me.
  11. Our definition of "calm" is very different, then.
  12. Are we talking about the same guy, here? Or are you actually that delusional?
  13. And yet you support Trump, the man who throws a temper tantrum anytime anyone says anything negative about him. Shut up.
  14. You didn't trigger me you cuck. Your stupid, mindless, belligerent meme spam is just annoying. It's almost as bad as the annoying ad spam concocted by Princess Bubblegum.
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