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  1. We all know best commie themeed aa is CTO. Join the Elaphant Revolution today. ^^^^ amen
  2. Add a section in the revenue page before Alliance taxes that shows your theoretical net revenue w/o taxes. Right now, you have to manually do the subtraction to see how much you are contributing to the succses of the Grand Carthage Peoples Elephant Revolution.
  3. Yes the world food supplies do run out, and Orbis population starts dipping. Cause guess what, thats what happens in Nuclear Winter. Might lead to major aa signing ig SALT, to limit use of nuclear weapons that could threaten obris security. Yes this would be the major point. we would have to keep track of every single food and its expiration date. Maybe create new food reosurce called "spoiling food" that is untradeable? but same issue is tracking each food ton.
  4. Think clearing this issue is simple: 1) have a stat on every aa page showing mean tax rates 2) have a stat on each nation page showing current tax rate
  5. I was Senator for War for Carthago in NPO's Last Time. Our aa, as well as most of the game, fought for months on end non-stop. Now just a quick Wikipedia history clarification, Carthago was one of the few alliances to fight on both sides of this war. We joined on the side of NPO's Coalition along with our bloc The Citadel. However, we made a FA shift and left the war. We were then blitzed by BK and NPO. Now, after our aa was blitzed we suffered the loss of many members, myself being amongst them. I stopped playing the game as GPWC was being formed, but I left before the cheating scandal was discovered. Cheating isn't something new to the game. In 2019 thier was the NV cheating scandal. But in that case, thier wasn't any btiching by NPO and BK about "the admin is so biased", "pixel-huggers r losers", etc. In that case the game didn't loose many veteran and long-serving players. In that case, the game community were the first people to hit NV, with blitzs, as well as blacklists of NV members. In that case, people weren't doxxed, and thier safety and livelihoods disrupted. As previously said in this thread, NPO was not punished as it should have been, and yet they and BK whin and btich about "unfair admin". but alas it is beyond our control. If i was admin you all would have been perma banned. It is mature of you to have abided by your punishment, as well as returned openly, and asked for forgiveness. This is a good move, but it is just a drop of goodwill in an ocean of hell that you caused on a lot of people in the community. know that you cant fix the past. but you can try and make the future better. I hope if goes without saying you promise to never do such a thing, or anything for that matter contrary to game rules and basic 101: ethics. You will be viewed with suspicion by many in the community (me being one of them). You prob wont be allowed to get into high gov anywhere, and prob into low gov as well. You will def be the target of memes, personal attacks, ect. But that is the price you will have to pay for your mistakes. Anyways, welcome back to the game. I hope you lead a clean life from now on.
  6. Food should not be able to be stockpiled for infinity without any negative consequence. Food spoils eventually, and so there should be a game mechanic to implement this. I am not near smart enough to know how the code/formula should run, as having a counter for each ton of food would crash the server so hard. But there should be some decaying of food, and this should be increased by nuclear winters, as guess what, radiation spills food. Might be a tough idea code wise, bt just thought id put it out there.
  7. Basically, just as you have different resources on different continents, you will also have different units. Here is simple table: Idea is quite simple: either have each continent have a unique combination of units, or simply divide the world into old and new units. Either way works. Now what does this do to the game? Well the whole idea is to add more skill to war, other than "i have more plane, ur tanks go boom boom". For example, Surface Ships could have ability to have anti-air stats to help in defending air battles, whilst subs would not. In return, maybe subs are more lethal in naval battles, or maybe they can launch missiles. Such trade-offs, and balances would still need to be developed, but my hope is that it will make the game more interesting, and kill meta, if for some time. Ideas? Feedback? Bugs? Love it? Think this is making PnW CN?
  8. Easy fix to this is to not include Surrendered Wars in the total wars count. WHere does this ever happen?? I think every major aa has "dont ever peace alone" or "contact your whatever-glorious-officer befroe you offer/accept peace". Also how can i negotiate the enemy loosing 10% of infa and loot if they are bloackaded???
  9. Can we plz get a coin toss game?
  10. hopefully when alex ets to approval raitngs, we can get revolts and stuff
  11. yes, i like this idea, so it could be possible to check out the micro's
  12. No i think the og suggestion is that you can offer a surrender, and if the opponent accepts, you then loose the war automaticly, isntead of waiting for him to beige u with 1-ship navals, and 0-munition soldiers.
  13. I guess??? but yeah def a low priority for alex, and game community i think in general
  14. I wish this is how my notifications were being popped up.
  15. Great idea, def needs to be timer limits to prevent abuse by crackheads. But Surrender must have negative effects on your nation, since you just gave up without a fight, would make for a very good event [see ]
  16. this is actually a good idea, only problem I see is that peace-trader nations would have a lot harder time in globals fighting raiders.
  17. Def agree, i don't want RNG determining anything more than it already does. Maybe the way to solve this is to have the events be systemic, or for example, based on some factor the player, such as city count, pollution/crime/disease levels, starvation, or maybe war status (using a nuclear weapon, declaring/loosing an offensive war, winning a defensive war) Player Action: Winning a defensive war Event: Victory Parade in Moscow Celebrating Victory of Motherland!!! Text: blah blah blah Effect: Approval Rating increases X%, Military upkeep decreases X%, ect..... Player Action: Lets Pollution increase to XXX Event: Environmentalists Protest, Workers Strike in Factories! Text: blah blah blah Cost: Approval Rating decreases X%, Manufacturing output decreases X%, ect..... These aren't really decisions, as much as they are in-game results to player actions. Maybe there can be choices, like "Give Promises for Population Reduction. Pay $X, build XX" or "Send in the Army to put down the riots. Effects: XXX" But we need to address the fact, that rn, you can literally drive ur people to brink of extinction, without any negative repercussion from the populace, other than their reduced output cause they are eating dirt. Also as people said before, Approval Rating needs to be something real. I like the HOI4 Conscription and Econ levels, they would add some dynamics to the game, but prob for only 1-3 months, before the CS majors run their codes and figure out the formulas, and optimize everything. Overall i do agree PnW isnt a nation-simulator as much as it is a Alliance simulator, your are just commanding an army regiment during globals, and merely feeding in numbers for econ bots.
  18. yeah, i understand your issue with some trades not working, but i think this ^^^^ is a better solution. Another solution is that when you loose a war, your assets in the market are also susceptible to being looted.
  19. i have a cobweb of ideas, i cant seem to patch together. aka YES.
  20. Color Trade Blocs right now have no relation to TRADE, there are 2 solutions: 1) Change the name to Color Blocs 2) Actually add a mechanism to make trade blocs, and make Market Sharing a relevant button. I think there's enough innovation in the community for the genius's in you to post your ideas below.
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