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  1. Total respect, the field was getting a little crowded.
  2. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come,
  4. Very proud of GF, saw huge potential from the start!
  5. Congrats to both parties, beware the snakes in the... bushes?
  6. PSA: It's Grumpy, how many times do we have to say this? Gotta respect our elders.
  7. about 7 weeks of sitting around doing nothing looking at low tier have fun
  8. vvv only deadbeat drakes does in on the bars. 

  9. Solid AA with good potential, been saying that from the start. Good job scooping them up Rose. \ Best of luck!
  10. Goodluck to both parties But getting back with an ex is always a little difficult. ?
  11. Look whos playing the world police now, stay on subject.
  12. Good luck guys, sincerely hope everything works out.
  13. You guys had no intention of going on the offensive so you say, but in a hypothetical situation where we assume that is the case, we still have a solid CB and good reason to infer you'd hit us if we went through on KT. The CB is there and the war is justified. We have presented the evidence of TGH plotting against us but it seems we won't reach an agreement on it, so to keep pushing that front is futile seeing as it'll go nowhere. Lets just agree that we war is justified, duke it out and have fun.
  14. That is basically the whole treaty web. As to there being no active plot against us, we we're given and have presented substantial evidence to the contrary and acted upon that. What more could we have done? Sat on our hands till you hit us?
  15. It might be a mistake but it is also a lie. An honest mistake might be a typo, but posting something that is a lie and realizing there is evidence against it afterwards isn't an honest mistake, it's a lie. My problem isn't he made a mistake, my problem is he lied and he was caught. Accountability.
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