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  1. It's all a rollercoaster ride guys. Before IQ it was a different group that was hated. The syndisphere comes to mind. Before them it was someone different. So there's hope IQ. Or you can just deband. Either way, sooner or later, there will be another. Until then, may the pixels be ever in your favor!
  2. Yeah bezzers. Sucks to suck. Maybe you should make another GPA. Damn pixel hugger
  3. I dont really have any groups that I hate, guess I just dont hold grudges, but thank you UPN, it's been a while since I got to use my military. I agree with bezzers that this is like Christmas come early. Hope every was some good action!
  4. Well there would be vodka, but since we are doing this whole "dry" thing Bezzers confiscated it.
  5. Utz

    Rose Update

    this got super weird.........
  6. It's never good when you make the kitteh upset bezzers.....
  7. I always enjoy reading the DoW threads. You can never make everyone happy. Lol like Bezzers said earlier, both sides see it their own way and nothing will change that.
  8. Josh... people don't like it so you are wrong. #knowyourplace #haterzgonhate
  9. Bezzers.... you obviously don't pay attention to everyone... if it's not specifically written down you are not allowed to do it. And God forbid if you have two options due to all the writing. Basically no matter what you do you are wrong.
  10. Our FA guy wanted to be busy. Our bad yo not to worry though, I'll take care of him later
  11. Time to collect my scalps!
  12. Probably not mannax, josh is the only friendly one and the rest of us are trying to stop that. Lol
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