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[Treaty] Penta-Force?

The Titan

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8 minutes ago, The Titan said:



United Purple Nations and Global Alliance & Treaty Organization have found shared interests and goals with the existing members of Triforce, and have petitioned for entry.

Pursuant to article 5 of the Triforce treaty, with the unanimous approval of Triforce members, we welcome UPN and GATO to the bloc. They have agreed to be bound by the following terms:

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The Triforce Accords

Article 1: Peace
The signatories agree that no acts of aggression will be made towards the other signatories, whether in the form of war or verbally.

Article 2: Prosperity
The signatories agree that, where possible and within reason, they will provide economic aid to the other signatories. This may be in the form of loans, trades or financial advice.

Article 3: Security
The signatures agree to defend each other from outside aggressors. An attack on one signatory is an attack on them all. In times where a signatory is attacked due to external commitments, this article becomes non-chaining, and therefore optional. 

Article 4: Cooperation
The signatories are welcome and encouraged to join one-another in any offensive endeavors. However, this is purely optional.

Article 5: Expansion
At the unanimous agreement of the signatories, additional parties may be added to this treaty, and they will be bound by all the terms herein.

Article 6: Withdrawal/Termination
Any signatory may withdraw from this treaty at any time, so long as a 72 hour period is provided in which Articles 1, 3 and 4 remain in full effect. Additionally, if, for any reason, a signatory is found to have failed their obligations outlined in this treaty, they may be removed with a similar 72 hour notice by the other signatories unanimous agreement. 

For Mayhem:
TigerFire, Hegemon
The Titan, Ascendent

Boyce the Great, Remnant of Milcom
RightHonorable, Remnant of Economics
Paradox, Remnant of Internal Affairs

For Name Withheld:
{REDACTED} - @O5-[REDACTED]: Bezzers

Overseer of Strategic Direction - @O5-0: Bug

Overseer of Internal Operations - @O5-1: LuciusK
Overseer of External Outreach -  @O5-2: Shifty
Overseer of Military Operations - @O5-3: Voidwalker
Overseer of Economic Development - @O5-4: Basil

For Black Knights:
Emperor: Brandon Donsberger

Cabinet: ExStratos, Masteraka, LoneTechWiz

For United Purple Nations:
Prime Minister - Cora Mcstrap
Chief of Staff - Noreen
Minister of Internal Affairs - Matt
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Malichy
Minister of Finance - Noreen
Minister of Defense - Naaro
Minister of Communications - Failure

For Global Alliance & Treaty Organization:
Crunch, Assembly Chairman
Jgoods, Vice Chairman

TL:DR: United Purple Nations and Global Alliance & Treaty Organization have joined Triforce.

Does this mean I have to make a new flag?


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5 minutes ago, darkblade said:

Does this mean I have to make a new flag?

But we also found some NW and BK folks who have made ones too and now there's too many options

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Peace in our time

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11 minutes ago, darkblade said:

Does this mean I have to make a new flag?

Tri-Force had/has a flag?

Engager in Aristocracy.
Pure Capitalistic intent.

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4 minutes ago, darkblade said:

Yee, I made them one when it was just NW, BK, and Mayhem


Engager in Aristocracy.
Pure Capitalistic intent.

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22 hours ago, Kendle said:

explain this to me like I am a newbie in the game

Three alliances made a treaty with eachother and called it "Triforce", two other alliances join the Triforce. 

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17 minutes ago, Denison said:


This guy gets it 

Roll Squeegee pact with Redarmy and Ameyuri

Blues Brothers pact with Redarmy

Leader of the Elyion Resistance. If it's backed by NPO, you know it's evil

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