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  1. Flag vote is invalid. Winners have already been chosen ☺️
  2. Is there a way to give negative votes to 🤢insane🤢
  3. Welcome to discord! I might suggest my 2 favorite servers RON (named for your long time ally sweeeeet ronny D) and thalmoria (no relation to Thalmor unfortunately) https://discord.gg/royal-orbis-news https://discord.gg/ve9aVCmaQ9 Oh no! There's already a Doc that lurks in RON about sus bot stuff! This will be so confusing. The start of an era.
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/account/vip/ You can have whatever you want
  5. Orbis Nation Flag Contest Every year, it has been a tradition for alliances to update their flag to correspond with holidays (Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas, others). Every season, I run a themed flag contest on discord including now (Thalmoria, #themed-flags https://discord.gg/ve9aVCmaQ9). Alliance gov, feel free to DM me when your flags are ready. This year I will be offering a prize for individual nation flags hosted here on the forums! All are welcome to enter for a chance at a prize. Entry Post a response in this thread! All are welcome to post one flag Voting Upvote the posts with the flags you like the most. It won't be enforced, but try not to vote for your alliance mates. Rules Flags obviously generated by AI will be disqualified Edited posts will be disqualified Flags must be original (no alliance flag entries or past year entries) Prizes 1st place: $300 million 2nd and 3rd place: $50 million Prize amounts are subject to increase. DM if you'd like to sponsor. An example of last year's Alliance winter/Christmas flag winner:
  6. Bro you literally signed the treaty
  7. Hand of Farms strikes again. This makes me so mad I think I might nuke thalmor.
  8. Let me tell you folks, these charges against Alan are a sham! I've known Alan for a long time, and he's a tremendous guy, believe me. Tremendous, really. Palsada? Total liar, folks. You can't trust a word that comes out of Palsada's mouth. Alan is a winner, and these fake charges are just a sad attempt by the swamp to bring down a great man. It's all a big witch hunt by the Rose deep state. This is just another example of the fake news media in RON trying to create a narrative against good, hardworking people like Alan. Palsada is probably just jealous of Alan's success – he's a very successful person, everybody knows that. And let me tell you about this so-called judge, Thalmor. Terrible judge, folks. He's biased, unfair, and probably part of the deep state. I've seen some bad judges in my time, but Thalmor takes the cake. Alan is a winner, and with the support of the people, we'll overcome these obstacles and bring back the greatness we deserve. Believe me, folks, we're on the path to success, and together, we'll make Orbis great again!
  9. Yeah you've gone too far now... You're starting to sound like me! Unfortunately, I've not had good ideas on how to help with this aside from the RPC change and getting Alex to actually delete the dead weight. What I have thought we need for a long time are viable econ paths (milcom is a path, and FA path is alliance dependent) and interesting low-level activities. I don't know a good way to get macro-friendly econ paths at c3.
  10. First place, The First Order Second place, The Forgotten Realms
  11. 2016... Ever since 2016... I don't think many of us are left that played pre-discord.
  12. 2 weeks in and there are only 7 flags posted. 2 weeks left to enter.
  13. Its that time of year again where all of the flags get spooky! Thalmoria will be once again holding a themed flag competition. This year the designer of the winning flag will get $200 million! Flags must be flown by an alliance for at least 5 days to be eligible. Contact @zigbigadorlou if your flag isn't already posted. https://discord.gg/ve9aVCmaQ9 Last 2 years winners:
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