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  1. It's a central Republican platform that women shouldn't be allowed to control their own bodies. It's not a surprise they also believe a man can subject a woman to whatever he wants. I laugh at the "dominant" males I've know, because they are completely dependent on women. They don't know how to do shit for themselves. A woman will go to extremes trying to find ways to be useful to a self-sufficient man.
  2. Although, I agree with you to an extent, I wouldn't necessarily say modern is either better nor degenerate. It's just a monkey smoking a cigar in a suit and top hat. Between the politics of grabbing !@#$ and not grabbing !@#$, I choose the politics of grabbing !@#$. If grabbing !@#$ is wrong, I don't want to be right. Date rape, also.
  3. For too long America has not been grabbing !@#$. Foreigners and liberals prevent true Americans from their right to grab !@#$. On November 28th vote for grabbing !@#$.
  4. The only valid reason incest is wrong/illegal is our instinctual disgust to it. Every moral/logical argument against incest is false, or at least not universally true. The only logical reason I can determine that incest is usually wrong is that it alters the dynamics of our most basic relationships. More importantly, seeking unrelated mates is advantageous. It spreads your genes further and increases your kinship. But, we don't need reason to tell us these things, because we have an instinct that leads us to advantageous behavior and moral codes and laws follow. Everything that makes humans unique or special among animals is nothing more or less than evolutionary traits.
  5. For the sake of my argument you'll accept an indisputable fact? Define 'right' We haven't progressed beyond our biology.
  6. The scientific claim of fact is females are flooded with oxytocin while males are flooded with dopamine. It's obviously advantageous for the female to fall in love and the male to seek more pleasure. Other animals have simpler adaptations meant to reduce the likelihood of a rival mating with their female. Love is ours. There isn't anything more important to life than passing genes. Families aren't hurt by adultery. They're hurt by a failure to recognize that we are animals.
  7. Monogamy is an evolutionary adaptation that is only present in the female of the species. Only females have a release of hormones from sex that cause feelings of "clinginess". Males, on the other hand, retain the instinct to mate with as many partners as he can access. Love and empathy go a long way toward maintaining monogomy, but it is in no way natural or psychologically healthy for the male. Adultery is a legal term. A contract that most men are incapable of not breaching. Incest isn't comparable to Adultery. Sex with siblings or offspring is inherently unhealthy genetically. And of course, incest harms the primary relationship of sibling or offspring.
  8. I thwarted the air blitz. Someone fully prepared can thwart the first round, but not the second.
  9. UPN has a well deserved reputation as a reliable ally.
  10. Because you're a chicken shit !@#$whore
  11. I've seen that work cool on MMOs that actually use the distances of a map. How would it work here?
  12. Sheepy says a lot of silly stuff
  13. What? Why plan a war? Just jump in like a flailing retard.
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