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  1. Now this was weird. I don't like this rose, why so friendly.
  2. I am willing to Pay what YouWant.
  3. So if we give you 10 mil we get 1 mil after 15 days. This is a rip- off, people make more than that in one day.
  4. I told you he was evil. Your going to hell.
  5. In reality all the allances that helped out, did not do it to save VE. They did it to put a stop to the evil allances.
  6. I think it is hard for a nation to go from 640 to 730 with only 1 mil from a food trade and 1 mil from the bank.\ Cheater maybe. Some one should just check every alliance member for weird NS growth and trades. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12436
  7. well since there might be another war... People should start raising Steel prices.
  8. Its time for us to do some massive build up, side by side.
  9. Can colbat start the fire works before 9pm, it sorta my bedtime and i will not be able to see them.
  10. Good luck. Most importantly remember this is a game so have fun. BTW: wanna go on a date?
  11. Come on Joshua there will be no fireworks. time to move on to the next show.
  12. Should I get the popcorn ready for fireworks.
  13. And almost everyone is friendly or neutral towards DEIC. EXECPT ROSE.
  14. Interesting its time for all of us to rebuild armies and call each other uglies and wait for another war to happen. Then OW2 will happen. for now good luck on rebuilding.
  15. my point is what if disbanded alliances reborn like EoS and leaves the top alliances without some member that rejoin there true alliances?
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