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  1. Remember the good old days in VE!

  2. This is VE. Wheather its called tVE or VE, its the same.
  3. I'm overwhelmed. The heart does indeed want what it wants, what can I say.
  4. I look forward to watching Viridia rise again.
  5. Well the answer to that question is also no.
  6. I've only been back for a week, sorry.
  7. Again, you misunderstand, and I'm guessing you do so intentionally. What they were discussing is completely irrelevant to the issue. He sat there quietly when he had a problem with something, then had a middle of the night meltdown all by himself and used technical powers to become sole leader. That is the gravamen here. He made about three extremely vague posts on the topic total that didn't even really express opposition, just concern, so its not as if he has been screaming about this for a month and was being met with radio silence. There were a thousand other things within his power th
  8. Oh ok I guess that's fine then. As long as he thought it was useless.
  9. Oh no, everything is exactly the same. The point you're not getting is Olorin did not really speak. When he did speak yesterday, it was strange. There is nothing improper with 2 out of 3 triumverates discussing options. You may not like the discussion, but that's irrelevant.
  10. None necessary. You don't use admin powers to coup the government when you dislike a discussion that is taking place. You vote against, you voice your opposition, you explain your position. You don't sit there quietly then completely freak out in the middle of the night all by yourself and only cry "don't leave me guys" when things hit the fan.
  11. Not really possible since he never truly voiced contention.
  12. Thank you for the support.
  13. Your use of the plural is unwarranted.
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