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  1. After much deliberation the people of Mercia have limited their choices down to two. After much debate as to the winner of the two it was unanimously realized that both were in fact the same person! Congratulations War Hawk and welcome to nuclear power!
  2. Due to unforeseen gains in wealth it is again time for Mercia to Bequeath more fire upon Orbis and further the flames of chaos. As usual in order to win the NRF you must have a free project slot or have a project to be replaced by said NRF. This time for the amusement of the Bourgeoisie we will again be hosting an arbitrary art competition in which you shall be tasked with drawing...A flying walrus throwing a pie at a clown! The winner will be chosen at midnight of Friday February 17th! .
  3. After an intense bout of debate the Mercian scholars have decided that the winner is none other than Rogue. Though they do advise that any aspiring jet fighter pilots avoid using the landing gear as an makeshift airbrake. For those of you still hoping for the joy of nuclear Armageddon fear not! For Free NRF take 4 will begin in a moment!
  4. Last chance to get you entry in! Midnight tonight the winner will be decided.
  5. Black


    You're assisting in the use of nukes after the 13 day war Kaiser Reinhard?
  6. Black


    It is the sworn duty of Mercia to return the nuclear winter by increasing the nuclear saturation.
  7. Black


    I've given out a little over $300,000,000 worth of NRF's because chaos.
  8. Go for it, if you want to put in multiple submissions go right ahead. I more do this to see the amusing pictures...so in short, more pictures = more amusement.
  9. As the first day of the contest comes to a close we have plenty of masterpieces to judge. But to those hoping for nukes there's still plenty of time to submit your Magnum Opus.
  10. If you make an account on imgur you can upload it there. Then just use the image button and enter the url of the picture.
  11. Entry Number one, starting of with a F-35! Hopefully the first of many!
  12. Once again it's that time! Time to add more nukes to the already threatening pool of possible destruction! This time around it will be another contest to make a drawing, photo, video or whatever you can think of displaying my arbitrary task. This time in order to win nuclear capability you will have to portray a dogfight between the Red Baron, in his infamous Fokker Dr.I. vs a modern day jet fighter of your choosing. The execution and naturally the victor is up to you. I will announce the winner on Sunday February 12th. Lastly to those daunted by the task remember that the worst that can happen is you don't win, so open up MS paint if you have to and get a submission in!
  13. I have no plans on stopping so expect a lot. For the purpose of chaos we must bring back the nuclear winter and the best way to do that is to increase nuclear saturation!
  14. After much deliberation, between myself and the royal family, the winner of the NRF has been chosen! Orfeas of Gargantia enjoy your new NRF! To all who did not win this time around fear not! For in approximately 7 days NRF take 3 will be taking place! O
  15. We're off to a good start at three submissions on day one! But will the competition rise in the next few days?
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