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  1. Caption: Alex DESTROYS cheaters with FACTS and LOGIC
  2. Necrosin https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/3822-necrosin/
  3. Well I am a man of my word. You'll get your 2 chapters in 3-4 weeks after we verify that your build and color are in compliance and you're in the proper tax bracket.
  4. Can anyone translate this? I'm offering 3 manwha chapters.
  5. The first response to being confronted with the evidence was to start deleting shit and feeding bullshit lies to Alex, so you can get off the moral high ground.
  6. You can't prove scanlations because I think they really did stop sometime around november. Another group picked up the series in october, so there would be nothing keeping their guinea pigs on the plantation. They had already started distributing the translation of the novel in september though, so they were able to switch to using the novel as the carrot instead. This post is purely supposition and opinion, and should not be misconstrued as a statement of fact.
  7. Part the Fourth: Manwhas? What Manwhas? Anna was involved in the distribution of Manwha outside of this Raws are the original, untranslated comics Sawateam is a group that translates these types of comics. Why they are involved with the GPWC to be "poked around at" is unknown.
  8. The Council is proud to bring you Combating IQ Gaslighting: Guinea Pig Special Edition Part the Third: NPO did nothing wrong There are many more screenshots in Alex's report, including those showing that NPO leadership lied repeatedly when confronted and deleted incriminating evidence, but I believe I've proven my point here. Further, a common attempt at muddying the waters is that all of this refers to a novel and not a scanlation of a manwha (WMMAP is a novel that was adapted into a manwha), which is what Alex referred to in his report. This is an attempt to obfuscate and also not relevant to this incident. While there are further references to the distribution of translations of the manwha in these and other screenshots, this will be saved for the next part. The distinction between whether a translated manwha or novel was distributed is nonexistent. Further, whether any of the accused parties themselves committed copyright infringement is also not at issue here. The fact remains that exclusive access to content was given in exchange for becoming a passive resource farm for GWPC, and through them NPO. This is a clear violation of the rules and therefore Alex is not only justified in, he has an obligation as the administrator of this game to take action. @Chief Wiggum since there's been a lot of vitriol surrounding this topic, I would ask that all discussion be redirected to either the announcement topic or a separate thread.
  9. He has the right to go anywhere he has permissions to go. This isn't a court and you have no rights as to what can't be used against you.
  10. I didn't read the title too clearly and was expecting a very different announcement
  11. Make sure to tell your allies that you rebranded this time.
  12. Those responsible knew what they were doing was against the rules. That's why incriminating information was removed after Alex started asking questions.
  13. This is google. It wouldn't matter if they didn't put their names on there, they know who you are and what you ate this morning.
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