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  1. Hopefully there'll be a last hurrah.
  2. I believe in the sun, even though it is slow in rising. I believe in you, without realising. I believe in rain, though there are no clouds in the sky. I believe in truth, even though people lie. I believe in peace, though sometimes I am violent. I believe in Dio Brando, even though he is silent.
  3. Are you referring to our first war? The one where we (being hugely inexperienced) were dogpiled by a lot of alliances? Because, I distinctly recall UPN and VE being the only alliances to really hit us, and if CS was involved, it'd be after the actual fighting had happened.
  4. To be fair, I always wanted to fight BoC more. I look forward to more Dioist shrines.
  5. General shitposting, this thread, be annoying, etc.
  6. I, personally, will be declaring war on Kastor today.
  7. Well generally when one declares a mass raid/war, they do get more offensive wars in first.
  8. For those saying it isn't physically possible to counter the syndi-OOsphere as is, you're right completely. Syndicate foreign policy has cultivated this sphere for about a year and a half since breaking away from Paragon. The amount of goddamn protectorates (much to my frustration) they had when they started out was insane, along with allying with the side that had lost the Great VE war or whatever it was called (someone in t$ still has the sig on here from the propaganda from that war huea). Of the two sides, t$ were on the underdog side for a long time, take a brief second to look at the Oktoberfest wiki page to see the standings then: http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Oktoberfest It was only going into the Silent War that the Syndi-OOsphere were considered the outright top dogs, and that was simply of the virtue that they had won every war since it's formation, numerically the advantage wasn't that great. t$ had taken the time to woo BK, TKR, Pantheon, Cornerstone and all the other big names that we see today but when they began their friendship with t$ they weren't big powerhouse alliances (granted BK was still strong iirc). All of those alliances recruited new players and grew them into strong nations that form strong alliances. A year and a half ago, only MENSA and t$ itself were top alliances that remain in their sphere today, the sphere which by no coincidence occupy the top 6 spots in terms of points on the alliance leader board at the time of posting. I'm pretty sure t$ & MENSA held spots 7 & 8 going into the Proxy War, or there about. The overall point of this pseudo-history lesson is that it's going to take some sort of FA work to cultivate new alliances, p&w is growing (you'll all have noticed we've just overtaken (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) in numbers of players) so there is fresh blood coming in, you just have to exploit them and turn them into allies and/or new recruits. VE and UPN used to be the big mass alliances that were light years away from the rest of us, it's going to take a bit of effort but that's exactly what we~ did to get to the state we are in today. Edit: Also see http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Great_VE_Warfor MENSA's position a year and a half ago and the compare the two sides of that war and their respective strength/positions.
  9. A screencap of the greatest blitz ever perhaps? Just kidding, best of luck, give them hell
  10. For the the entirety of my time playing this game, in alliance warfare, countries would try to beat down the enemy military to zero and then damage infrastructure without performing 6 ground attacks that would beige them and not "winning" the war in-game. This, by virtue of the Alex attempting to change that now so you *must* beige, we can see this was an originally unintended consequence of a legal game mechanic, that you, I and every other competent player has exploited to it's fullest extent, There are many who as a result of this tactic lost thousands upon thousands more infrastructure than they would have, to the point that doing so is more effective than using a nuclear weapon. We all knew this, we know Alex didn't like it much, but everyone did it anyway because it was within game mechanics to do so. Playing legally within game mechanics is not a "super shitty thing to do", it's just smart.
  11. I think this a Fark DoW on Arrgh
  12. Dr. Alex Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Conventional Alliance Warfare and Love the Bomb.
  13. Pretty sure that robbing an entire town with a populace of 185,000 people is still pretty impressive. As would robbing Johnny Knoxville.
  14. 4 days of war? Why even bother.
  15. A true show of strength would be proving you don't need allies and can take on the world alone.
  16. I for one wholeheartedly agree that alliances should scrap war target lists and let their members chose their targets with uncoordinated attacks when they go to war.
  17. I spent years having absolutely no idea it was from that, all the while being a devout Dioist huea.
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