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  1. Thanks Sheepy for making the game so bad we all mutually agreed to just quit because it wasn't worth the effort anymore.
  2. I'd like back the few minutes of time it took to read this thread.
  3. To be fair most of them didn't actually hit you. It was more of a declaration so they could officially join the war and fight anyone else fighting that had declared on Mensa. That was the entire idea of that whole war. Mensa had a shit ton of alliances declared directly on us for the same purpose on NPO's side. It went exactly how we masterfully planned it obviously.
  4. Sorry I can't hear you over that 50k score drop your alliance took (almost half your entire alliance's score). How many times will you send your alliance into a war to get rolled before your alliance just disbands?
  5. Dude he's from SK. They're legally mentally retarded. You're basically talking to a wall.
  6. So you are saying your gov and VE's gov did not coordinate a target list together? Okay
  7. Guys our relationship with BK is much stronger and better than what BK and NPO's relationship was during that conflict. I'm very confident they will be assisting us with SK. We obviously didn't ask them to help with Zodiac who is a direct ally of them and we understand the treaty dance of that situation just like we ignored their attack on our ally Rose. Of course we will be looking to help BK with Pantheon once our situation with SK and Zodiac allows us to. We hope Dio guides us both to lead us both to victory against the evil/sad menace that is SK.
  8. It warms my heart to see we still have some loyal allies in BK! Looking forward to the assist!
  9. Rumors have been very exaggerated lately. Mensa would never plan to attack and ally. We aren't that kind of an alliance. I am disappointed we weren't informed of an impeding attack by members of your bloc. I would assume as allies through some hard times it would be common courtesy to be given at least a heads up or even an attempt to stop such attacks from happening. I don't believe we were ever made aware of any such activities occurring from our trusted ally BK.
  10. o/ top notch alliance right there
  11. What an ally! No hesitation! No surrender! No man left behind!
  12. bad OP, bad alliance, bad blitz, still miss Tenages.
  13. Nah obviously we somehow will outnumber them and no skill will be involved this time at all.
  14. >plots to betray an ally because I'm just a piece of shit person and I'm totally cool with it >plot has been going on for a long ass time so it's obviously been well discussed >get couped because I'm a piece of shit who wanted to use and betray an ally >plot gets log dropped >"Hey that !@#$ who couped me didn't even let us discuss it!" ok fam enjoy the outcome Also I assume everyone who is defending you guys and is in your alliance are all chill with being shitty allies who don't value treaties or obligations at all, right?
  15. I was told I can get free cash
  16. Oh so this was intentional. Okay I was going to come point it out because then people in NPO who are top tier can save so much money. (not that they have a top tier anyway)
  17. Ignore the end of Hippo's post. We are in full belief that Syrup did no such thing. TEst shall feel the wraith of Dio for the fake spy attack. I hope you enjoy being a pig disgusting spaniard because only a spaniard would lie for a CB. edit: We were gonna hit you no matter what so like why lie about it?
  18. You shouldn't have declared on half the game then
  19. I just realized how much I stopped paying attention to this game.
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