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  1. RIP Peter Quill

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    2. August


      The one that turned into dust

    3. Ivan Salazar

      Ivan Salazar

      oh in that case  -input simspons laugh here-

    4. August
  2. Sorry but this isn't a minecraft server.
  3. Don't worry the political shit has moved to Discord.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/18/conservatives-plan-attacks-on-google-facebook-in-net-neutrality-fight.html don't worry conservatives has a blackmail on Google they could just remove net neutrality
  5. You actually believe that people like Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer doesn't exist!? Or the fact that they were able to rally at Charlottesville? Yes but the Left and the western governments are indirectly responsible for it. The censorship laws didn't do a dent to the far-right as they would just migrate to the dark corners of the internet. Pretty much sure that if they moved there they would be undetected and harder to track making their actions virtually invisible. Also the PC culture that is being promoted backfired at them since more and more people turned into the far right du
  6. @Elijah Muhammad NOI isn't actual Islam. Muslims considered NOI the same consideration for Ahmadis.
  7. Its hard to classify ANTIFA as domestic terrorists. No one dies due to ANTIFA YET as far as I know. Also making ANTIFA a terrorist organization will actually benefit ANTiFA as they would be seen as underdogs or martyrs. I fear that these white nationalist/neo nazis will become the norm in the West. Everything that the left throws at them just makes them stronger. Its like the left is using water to fight a fire that is caused by electricity. Its just getting bigger. One of the mistakes that the left did is to underestimate them and ridicule them at the same time fearmonger about them taki
  8. As for the civil rights movement its a mix bag. Its success would be the anti discrimination policies towards POC. However it fails to tackle future racism and discrimination. If the civil rights movement in the 60's is successful in the method of violence (X) or peace (Luther King Jr.) how come organization like Black Lives Matter come to existence to protect the African American populace from police brutality. Violence never solves the problem in case of left right spectrum fighting. Yes they opposed to fascism or in general the far-right but their tactics are ineffective and
  9. Violence is the way that ANTIFA is dealing with the far right. In Berkeley they did that. In Charlottesville they did that. In everywhere the far right is they did that. Now I think that their strategies aren't working. ANTIFA fighting through violence against the far right would just make the far right stronger. It would reinforce their beliefs that the left is (insert antangonizing words). ANTIFA is hated in the streets due to the rioting. The dissents of ANTIFA would likely turn to the far right due to the far left violence. http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2017/08/nonviolence-is-the-
  10. Yeah I confused gun rights to freedom of speech lmao.
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