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  1. We will have our revolution one day, brothers. We will paint it all red.
  2. The image displayed is from Antifaschistische Aktion, not the KPD. The fact that some people from the KPD started that organization does not make it the same organization as the KPD, obviously. There's nothing here that implies that anyone is a member of the KPD and suggesting that a symbol signifying opposition to fascism and the like is somehow indicative of supporting fascism or NSDAP is beyond ridiculous, just plain irrational nonsense probably rooted in you twisting things to suit your own erroneous beliefs.
  3. Oceania has never existed. Oceania will always exist.
  4. Lmao sure buddy, I'll get right on that. Looks like Akuryo isn't the only one that's good at claiming everything is fascism.
  5. Oh please. If you genuinely believe that the people who want to silence fascists are the same as the people they want to silence, you're the one with brain cell issues. It's difficult to even take you seriously when you just regurgitate the same old nonsense arguments some fool shoved in your head. Think for yourself. Besides, you're misinterpreting his post. He's implying that regular average people who aren't actually fascists will at times go along with and maybe even support fascists, not that they or literally anyone opposed to him personally are fascists. Stop twisting his words so you can go "lol anti-fascists r teh real fascists!!2" for the billionth time. The fact that you want to smear people who actually want to stand up to fascism sets of some serious alarms in my head man. It's not a good look.
  6. I just assumed it was based on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetic_Order_of_the_Golden_Dawn Why? Because it's the only cool option.
  7. Ah, I thought I recognized the Star Forge on that flag. Good luck guys.
  8. Haha man, I wish I had been as motivated to write my own school essays as I was for writing that post. I guess there's something motivational about someone posting things that just aren't accurate. Probably explains quite a few long discussions on this forum. He's a lost cause though and I think I've made my points clear enough by now, doesn't seem like there's any further reason to continue.
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