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  1. I really like this. However, at least for me, some team's logos are page-breakingly huge -- is there any way to make them smaller? The Google logo for the first team destroys the page, and tbh even the default baseball picture seems a little large.
  2. Is this possible Sheepy? I know it's not a major or glamorous update, but it would make things more convenient.
  3. I thought this was doomed to failure and you'd never sell $5MM worth of tickets.
  4. The Federation could not be more pleased to be moving forward with our friends and allies in the Syndicate and the Entente.
  5. A Series of Announcements From the World Wrestling Federation The Federation has largely been quiet on the world stage from our foundation through present day; no longer. I stand before you to give notice that the superstars of this world are ready to rumble. Over the month of February, a number of changes have occurred within our ranks that the world deserves to know about. First, a new charter has been ratified as the law of the land. You may enjoy it here, in full. In accordance with our new charter, the Federation has elected a new Chairman and seen superstars named to both the Economic and Foreign commissions. Chairman: Chey Economic Commission: Infinite Citadel, Azhagul, Pubstomper Foreign Commission: Chief Savage Man, Centurius, Thulium And, finally, I am pleased to announce that the Federation has found a new home on Orbis: the Brown Sphere. We are optimistic that this sphere will prove fertile ground for our future plans. As always, those of you interested in increased relations with the Federation may find us at #wwf on ColdFront, and those seeking membership may apply at http://biodad.ca You can slam with the best, or you can walk with the rest.
  6. While I like the idea of treasures adding to intrigue and wars, these kinds of huge bonuses would make them completely overtake genuine inter-alliance politics. I suggest scaling them down to a level where they are still beneficial and worth potentially going to war over, but not one where they completely change the nature of the game. Otherwise we might as well call the game Treasures & War.
  7. Am I missing something, or did you actually suggest that every treasure an alliance controls boosts the entire alliance's income by 25%? Because that sounds like an outrageous benefit.
  8. Appreciate the thought, but I also preferred the timer down at the bottom.
  9. you gotta beat the best to be the best
  10. Why are we making the assumption that wars should be no big deal? Wars shouldn't be so devastating that we never have them, but they should also be something worth taking seriously. Winning a war should give you a significant victory over your enemies. Wars every month just for the sake of them are just as boring as wars once every two years. If I beat you in a war, I want you to know that and remember that. If I lose to you in war, I ought to be set back a while.
  11. I agree with NG in that I don't think this will have any major effect on the game, but I also don't think it's bad. If people want it, go for it I suppose. I do think we should leave the colour stock bonuses as is, with nations only receiving the bonus if they share a colour with their alliance.
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