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  1. Also only competent micros should post here, not 1 person VM filled alliances. So uhhh please stop spamming
  2. its ok bb... dont they teach you that in the millitary smh i got socks on we good
  3. thanks for putting the TL;DR at the top jk tho and good luck
  4. In my eyes everyone is equally worthless jkjk (Why was this form post needed tho)
  5. Do you have to say that during every alliance related post
  6. Because you dont need a reason?? How else would you do it?
  7. UwU haha get it UU I regret saying that
  8. I may not have been around in NPO but i've read enough to know what you have taken cant be replaced with words. Do this community a favor and move on, (Couldn't have put it softer) You disrespected Literally thousands of people with many more to come because of your antics. Im all for second Chances but you have had weeks to fix your mistakes before they crumbled down on you, and what did you do during these weeks... You keep doing it! Id be surprised if a micro let you in with how much of a reputation you have... and we all know if you make an alliance what happens. 😁
  9. The Johnsons has changed bloc color to green
  10. As long as i can manipulate market prices im happy
  11. Na im trying to get this forum to not be a salt mine, i failed lol
  12. E Dang i think thats bigger than big d's
  13. I think the counter might of been our prot anyways its fine we can agree that we both have above average genitals
  14. Sorry m8 but it was the end of the NAP
  15. We going to get crushed by the 2 people in TJEST
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