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  1. “Do the two of you have Discord? I'm pretty sure you can carry out your slapfight there instead of taking up the forums.“ no , it must be broadcasted live so as to increase the shitpost/micro level
  2. Hi alan you DMed me for peace and asked me to do this and pay you 25m here this is lmao. I surrender. also when alanfall69 finally , stfu those people complaining about micros posting here. AA affairs is aa affairs no matter what the size.
  3. fyi TNF actually follows treaty rules and aren't war dodgers kek
  4. They have been declared , I hired mercs cause I'm in VM for 1 day and eh
  5. Ah yes , threatening to ban me after I pinged Alan a to let me in the SMP. 770 is perfect after all. I had to right to copy paste everything all major news networks are saying kek
  6. ok Nassau thanks for costing yourself 160m. Thanks for your help kek.
  7. pls unban me from Minecraft server ok see u also when alanfall 69
  8. Got ya bro , I totally recognize Greene's stupidity so [RoS] this post was made by the shitpost gang💩
  9. Original title : Greene : The tetralogy (possible shitpost , still less smelly than Greene.) Alternative title : a most unholy and dark experience The shitty micro of the Republic of Havanna hereby recognizes Greene's stupidity (see indger this is now a legit alliance affairs post) Ayo Greene , after seeing some an epic forum trilogy about you , written by Cthulu , I thought I'd chime in! So Greene , let's start. I was former MA head for Nassau. Nevermind that I was probably way too incompetent , you and Alan (BS leader)had zero issues with it. But , the moment I make an MA server , to get better milcom channels than TWO fricking ones in the main server , you get pissed and threaten to drop Nassau if the server isn't deleted. Glad you got your daily power trip , you fricking [email protected]#$ed Greene tellytubby , but lets move on from that. Guess the reason why im using past tense with regards to my position? Well buckle up Cause it's a long and shitty story. Cause you fricking threw a fit when I pinged Alan to lemme into the holy sea SMP , bruh. "One more time and I'll ban you!" Now audience , being the logical person that I am , I obviously shit on Greene , about his clear incompetence , his failure at DEFCON 770 , him letting in all his applicants , and basically other worse , smellier , Green , poo that you can find in cthulus forum trilogy (good read , changed my life) lol and you didn't say shit other than insult me. Not even good insults btw. 2 hours later and you force Nassau to fire me. Bruh at least at least give me a mild burn bro. You insults were weaker than you in bed... anyway , end of shitpost , uhhh no hate to Alan or thorin , bored as [email protected]#$ tbh and thanks cthulu for this idea. ok end of shitpost, candice CAN DEEZ BALLS FIT IN YO MOUTH GREENE
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