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  1. Micro news not allowed here :serious:
  2. New leader: first post- the rise of Lucianus :pepeintrztn:
  3. Except paragon, they’re better than Rose 😀
  4. Collapse in the nursing home (credits hari)
  5. How nice of you to include a disclaimer at the beginning 😀
  6. Chicken tastes amazing with waffles, just saying.
  7. Yes I spent 40m plus resources, oop someone spent 1m and destroyed it. Well, that’s unfortunate 😔.
  8. Maybe you should retire and bring memes with the blade back nvm I just checked RON
  9. You just need to figure out the right call to bring out the leakers 😀
  10. Damn you real salty that your news server isn’t best, I’m sure hundreds of the 1700+ ppl at RON would say it’s better than OCN.
  11. Didn’t you quit the game?
  12. Congrats on promotion Ryks
  13. “Recognizing all DoW’s” Pal if someone declares on you I don’t think you have a choice anyways.
  14. I was talking to Jaden
  15. God no @Suyash Adhikari he’ll destroy all your hard work smh
  16. Downvote because the first thing I saw was anime
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