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  1. Yep humanity's done. Anyone want to go to Mars with me? Or live on an isolanted commune?
  2. What is Fascism? After seeing Muhammad Ali Bas post about his alliance I felt the need as a person who agrees with many areas of Fascism to ask 10 simple questions. Of course knowing him he didn't answer them seriously what so ever. So I wanted to reask and answer these questions to hopefully let some people learn something about Fascism. Sorry if this ends up being a bit long. 1. What is the Cultural Struggle? 2. What is the National Struggle? 3. What is National Corporative Syndicalism? 4. What is the Organic Nation? 5. Is Fascism different than National Socialism? 6. Who originally founded Fascism(no it wasn't Mussolini) 7. Name the 5 popular Fascist Movements. 8. Is Fascism racial? 9. Is Fascism Spiritual or Religious? 10. What is the end goal of Fascism? So allow me to go through these in order. 1. The Cultural Struggle is the historical theory of the Fascist Movement that basically believes that History is the Struggle of Cultures instead of being the Struggle of Race(National Socialism) or the Struggle of Class(Communism and many versions of Socialism). But unlike the Racial Struggle or Class Struggle Theory, Fascism does not wish to end all Cultures but instead create a Greater Culture much the same way the Roman Empire or more recent examples like Early United States, Mid-Late Soviet Union and British Empire. 2. The National Struggle is a theory more extreme than the Cultural Struggle where a Culture has a superiority quality and becomes an absolute Empire by inflicting its culture instead of combining cultures to create a Greater Culture. Some examples would be the Persian Empire or Alexander the Greats' Empire. 3. National Corporative Syndicalism is the Economic idea of the Fascist Movement that believes that an Economy must break away from Liberal Capitalism and Communism by forming a Nationalistic society where the Economy is split into Corporate Syndicates with a unity between Worker, Corporate, State and Nation. Contrary to popular belief Labor Union would still exist and be mandatory. I would highly recommend "The Coming Corporate State" if you want to learn more about Fascist Economics. 4. The Organic Nation in sort is the belief that society should work like your body in harmony where it is divided into Worker, Corporate, State and Nation, and all give something up to create a peaceful but powerful society. 5. Yes, Fascism is different from National Socialism as National Socialism is only a racial theory and not an Economic and/or Social theory. National Socialism simply believes in the Struggle of Race and has very little Economic ideas except and Racial Pure State structure. 6. The original founder of Fascism was Georges Sorel before that many philosophers wrote idea close to Fascism such as Plato. 7. National Fascist Party(Italy), British Union of Fascists(United Kingdom), Falange(Spain), Brazilian Integralist Action(Brazil), Justicialist Party(Argentina). There were many more in case your curious. 8. No, to quote Mussolini; "Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today". But to stem from Mussolini, Fascism does not bother itself with race as it wants to create a Greater Culture where all races can live in harmony as long as they are not a burden on the State or the Nation. 9. Fascism is Spiritual and Religious. It is religious if the Nation, Fascism has control in is religious and it is spiritual because it is a spiritual movement. To quote Corneliu Zelea of the Romanian Iron Guard: "We shall create a spiritual atmosphere, a moral atmosphere, in which the heroic man may be born and on which he can thrive." 10. The end goal of Fascism is to see the end of our corrupt Extreme Materialistic world and the end of fantasies like Communism and Anarchism, to create an Organic Society where a society works like your body to create a Unity between Worker, Corporate, State and Nation, in which all work to benefit each other and the Nation. Any questions feel free to ask. I just felt I needed to explain Fascism as it,like Communism is very misunderstood.
  3. If rather not because there is much more of a chance of Sheepy reading this than that thread. Well hey good for you. But I tend to get annoyed with the land prices. I put it at 5% to go more in line with the Center for Civil Engineering. But, I see where your coming from with the 10% idea. Thank you.
  4. None of us like the land prices so why not a little help from a national project. Especially if my other national project(Immigration Center) goes through, we will all need a little land boost. Center for Land Development Center for Land Development is a national project that increases knowledge about land. Land costs drop 5% in all cities. 1,000 Steel 1,000 Aluminum $5,000,000 Any suggestions or concerns feel free to post in the comment box below.
  5. Build a new hospital then. With the extra money building a new hospital shouldn't be that bad.
  6. Well I was just trying to be reasonable with this. After all, everyone wants a bit of a population growth as long as your willing to make a new hospital and police station to calm down the new population.
  7. 10% 10,000 Food 1,000 Steel Personally 10% seem more worth while. Also you can keep it all in a nice 10 range.
  8. We all would like a larger population without the crazy infutructure prices, so why not a little boost? In the way of a National Project. Immigration Center Immigration Center is a national project that increases population in all cities. Population is increased by 10% in all cities. 10,000 Food 1,000 Steel $10,000,000 Any suggestions or concerns feel free to say them.
  9. Awesome. Wonder how many trolls will invade the wiki.
  10. I play on IPhone as well and I honestly don't mind it.
  11. I have read Marxist work and the Middle Class of his era would be the Rich of this era. Hopefully not. But sadly that's most likely the way it will be. Best of luck with that. I'm always interested to see how social-experiments work out.
  12. If/when we colonize space it's bound to just turn into colonies of Earth. Than those colonies will get a sense of identity and rebel. Then the Earth process starts all over again. So, sorry we can't have your Anarchist Utopia. Why don't you go to an Anarchist Commune. There is plenty all over the world.
  13. Now your not making much sense. If you said the Marxist idea of Bourgeois than I would agree. But your talking about an era we left over 500 years ago. The modern Middle Class is being f-ed over by the Extreme Rich. They are in no way modern bourgeois.
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