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  1. How about "stop fricking posting news I am tired"
  2. no one isnt starting it yet maybe arrgh will start it
  3. If Wingawoo's arent allowed on P&W i have changed my name to kaiser wingawoo so i cant get banned
  4. yes u are btw i dont like how you leave out communist and prob any of this prob wont happen again great reputation? i had to go to war with you because you had to go to war with TKR and plus some of your members at racist and your a anarchy meaning no goverment so a democratic government and a anarchy state do not go together its like democracy and communism and like facism and communism THEY DONT GO TOGETHER AND WILL BE A MESS plus i have met agon and yes there a raiding alliance so is arrgh dont do this plez late edit: agon is a raiding alliance like arrgh but there nicer i have met them but your members arent really nice
  5. alex make them save i spent 4 days trying to find my original policys :,(
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