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  1. Please disregard as I decided to delete my nation. Sorry for the trouble nation not powering after replenishing fuel and $$$ https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=3247 leaving alliance doesn't seem to work either as I'm still in the alliance even though: 02/05 11:36 pm You unlocked an achievement: To The Farm (Disband an alliance)
  2. Why did you bring this here without proof? What are we suppose to do with this?
  3. This will last exactly as long as T$ planes will
  4. I've played a bunch this week as I'm trying to level my team and had a couple new players. Some money went to tips, including two enemy nations. Most went into the team. I'm historically millions in the hole and even at this pace of play it will take awhile to break even but even that's not true since I've bootstrapped my team most has gone into the team. What hasn't been mentioned is that investment itself is ephemeral. Players retire and you have to do it again, at least every 90 days and generally less. Through the game mechanics much of baseball money is already contained inside of baseball. A large part of what doesn't stay in baseball gets removed from the game via bills or military purchases. How is baseball easier and less honest than raiding inactives? It's not. Resources are worth more and it's a far more durable wealth. This anti-baseball argument is all just a straw man to get a nerf for whales since underdogs can make a little cash on baseball to keep the lights on and stay in the fight. *sighs. Oh the irony
  5. maybe I missed in skimming the other exit posts but you're the first to cancel a treaty in addition?
  6. It was fun to take a side-step away from IC and hang out. Shifty makes a good point though. I didn't here about this till the show was starting from the Goons server. What wasn't fun was putting people on the spot who clearly were not comfortable talking, especially the less flattering awards with worst AA leader being particularly mean. I tuned out as soon as I heard "Hottest wife" Why include OOC? Do we really need sexist awards? Just some constructive criticism, flame away.
  7. Didn't really know about you guys till this war. You honored your treaties and fought your wars without any nastiness that I've seen. I would count you guys as "a shame we had to fight them". You seem like alright folks and had a good alliance theme. I hope you guys stick around and find another home and if you're moving on, good luck to you.
  8. Cooper is good company in our embassy server, that's been fun.
  9. It appears this message was sent to every member of the NPO with officer rank in-game. Copy/paste the message and include the From and Date field: From: Ditto Date: 12/29/2019 Sunday 7:43 pm Block Communications I am a Christian republican and a Bernie supporter of socialist america. I voted for obama in 2008, and am transphobic. BUT don't let that stop you from accepting me, because I have a member card in MENSA and scored 3 touchdowns in high school. I've collected multiple golden japanesse Charizard cards with 250$ value, descendant of Mike Henry and have studied civil engineering on Princeton I"LL HAVE YOU KNOW of my anneare towards a blue origin investment and have retired teaching indian history in middle school with two msany Celtics jerseys to count. grades economics - B home eck - C methmatics - C gym - B scidence - D ACKNOLEDGES my wifes varsity cheerleading and niece to Steven Aoki mr graggle's pnws accomplishees but still needs more touchdowns ex supervisor's old T-ball league, which reached regional in nashville tennessee I AM NOT A ZIONIST>>>> #success #itsveryeffective #lionsandcelticsfan While the message is open, copy/paste the link in your browser here: https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3663998
  10. And a "We are Groot" to you too!
  11. My GAs have no affect on the war, or mine or target's nations https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=115540
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