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  1. Oh, I agree the daily update is ridiculous, the caps should be reset 24 hours after purchase, that way it's fair for everyone.
  2. Uhm, who gives a damn about the daily turn over? There's no significant difference between that one and the update that happens every 2 hours from a programming point of view. And you very much do have the politics & snore screen every two hours, and it's a major disadvantage for folks with slow connections. And giving it a set time span, as the above gentleman o' fortune suggests, only worsens the issue, since that then means you can queue up tabs to launch attacks at a given time and just count down.
  3. Uhm no, you're grossly misrepresenting a fake solution that worsens the issue. The entire point of this proposal is to avoid the Politics & Snore screen, giving people a chance to fight on equal ground. Right now you can queue tabs and hit submit as update comes up if you have a good connection. Also there is no "rush" to update, this proposal is entirely transparent to the user and it's only effect is levelling the playground for everyone. Off-setting politics & snore simply shifts the issue over time. This method would also allow the game to grow and use multiple servers.
  4. For queuing you can use something like this: https://www.rabbitmq.com/queues.html
  5. Operating on the presumption that P&W currently tries to calculate update for all nations at once I'd propose the following system to fix the lag at update. Add two fields to the database: Last update cycle (i.e. long int): Hold a number indicating which update cycle the nation is currently in. Active since last update (i.e. boolean): Holds a flag to indicate whether the nation was active in the last update cycle (user logged in, was attacked, etc.) As you hit update and the cronjob/timer runs the update script, you instantly update all nations which were active since the last update. These are folks who are most likely online or to be attacked and should be a few hundred nations at most. This will most likely cause the server to choke up for a few seconds as it currently does but should process fairly quickly. Now wait for a minute or two as folks run their attacks, the server will see heavy load and you'll be queuing up a lot of user-induced DB operations. In the meanwhile, if a nation which is still in the previous update cycle sees a "hit" (login, someone views nation page, etc.) you instantly run the update queries for that nation and present the updated page, this should be fairly limited and avoid heavy throttling as currently occurs. About 5 minutes after update, you make a list of nations still in the previous update cycle, and you queue up update for them in batches of 50 or 100 and run them at a steady pace (i.e. 50 nations per 15 seconds) that's quick enough to get through all nations but slow enough to avoid excessive server load. Advantages of this system: P&W stays available throughout update. Peak load on DB server is minimal. Almost no one will notice any side effect other than maybe an increased page load time if they view a non-updated nation. The need to update "inactive" nations on first view will throttle the speed at which users can run blitz attacks at update, making it fairer to people with slow connections. Disadvantages of this system: More back-end logic. Slight overhead by requiring checks. Might need more frequent integrity checks (i.e. once a day) to see if no one is left behind in an older update cycle. Large batch API calls might be tricky to combine with this sort of system around update.
  6. And there you go, insulting people again... Is it that hard for you to keep a civil conversation? And it's still quite different, but of course that doesn't fit in your story.
  7. You're assuming your nation and your alliance, stop generalising based on that. Try again...
  8. I paid it through daily bonus and baseball, so yeah, then it is a big upfront cost, and so did many others.
  9. Eight people? More like one by the looks of it. On the other hand, mirror, mirror, on the wall...
  10. Oh bugger off or at least stop intentionally misrepresenting things. a) Tips are usually 30% or less. b) We normally don't tip within NPO, period. c) A large portion will run less than 12k, you have to invest tens of millions into your stadium to get up to 10k / game. Most folks only upgrade their stadium to prevent folks from looting the cash during a war and will never get to the maximum level. So yeah, the actual profit would be more along the lines of 31-32 million if we consider realistic tips and games. Quite frankly, are you so dense or is this intentional?
  11. To be fair, you can spam away games very quickly using F5 + keeping your mouse at the same location (or simply using the enter key if your browser allows for it). You can easily get it down to a second or less if the server isn't lagging. So you'd need 2-3 hours to spam that many games.
  12. Yeah, because 16 hours / 30000 equals 1.92 seconds, which is a bit excessive I would say for a single day.
  13. There are easier methods, add fake invisible buttons, shift the position of the button significantly on each page load, etc.
  14. So you basically stopped reading before all the proper counter arguments were listed? Not to mention calling out the lies from certain people. That's rather convenient...
  15. Without the "free riders" you wouldn't have a game either.
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