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  1. @Alex please remove kebab

    1. Alex


      "Remove kebab" is anti-Muslim and not allowed here. A warning point has been issued.

  2. Add ability to see members Raw rss into what you can see from gov panel (like how it shows in line with bank page and most sheets)
  3. Frasier should be at least in the top #5 smh ?
  4. This post brought to you by: Raid: Shadow Legends.
  5. @Dave III Love the Attitude! GL o7 - SAXON of wherever the frick i feel like being at the time
  6. @AntMan You know Cam just misses you right? they are lost without you over there.
  7. GL in your future endeavours~ o7 Big "F" for that DH treaty though, man do I feel bad :c
  8. Dammit who let HBE back inside
  9. Welcome back o/ also ? "Until Dawn" Nyx? or is my memory off
  10. Wait til i tell my future grandkids they may actually have a chance now at playing with an unbroken war system, they gonna go crazy. I can feel it already.
  11. Will miss you Maia you little angry, head collecting polish buttermuffin ❤️ Don't ever let them bring you down ? P.S Make sure you yell at Jack at least one more time before you go, he needs the love~
  12. How much debt and civil war can you fit into one Alliance? jfc
  13. Just had it myself, more noticeable than the normal this time (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=617857) I had 3maps, I did my GA and got a Pyrrhic, after I went to my city pages to spend the money on land, then went back again and had 3 Maps still and was able to launch another GA this time a moderate @Alex
  14. We are but Gears & Levers, My condolences to Eumirbago and Congrats to Snekerdoodle on a well deserved vacation o7
  15. Ive seen this before but with Buildings (a nation had negative 200+ factories at one point), @Alex get on this if you would ❤️
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