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  1. Pretty sure you were not intoxicated while writing this ❤️ I'm in full support of Nukes actually being worthwhile rather than a spam/statpad (like missiles are atm/people go hunting to be hit purposely for e.g/from my own veiw i don't even flinch at being "nuked" repeatedly given all i need is some "buffer buildings" and that is an issue to me) (given increased manu/stack production/OP Commerce:nation age, viability of VDS and other things taken into account since the last few updates) feel free to DM me and we can discuss more on this topic, you know where to find me -offnote/context/grammar/typing while tired-
  2. Good stuff, Alas ~ so have this offering:
  3. Uncle Keshav Beats me, papa Roq is still at the store, mean Huppo took my lunch money.

  4. Hi Roq, one of your many abandoned Chirren here... are you back from the store? Sister P&W is sick and you spent the all the money on Cigarettes and cheap malt liquor???
  5. @Avakael same area/country, am fine here, so not sure
  6. Now this.. this is recruitment at its finest ❤️
  7. Note the ex >HBE/Hades< (of all things) members bank trans , there is abit over 1b i can see just from skimming deposited before inactivity/VM with "lol" as bank notes, multiple of those bank trans are done at the exact same time.
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