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  1. 🤔 Well I was not aware of that either. Anyways you wish for this to end, so I wish you and all of Interstellar a fond farewell, may your days be great!
  2. Did you ever explicitly request it? I am in Econ and Milcom and heard of no such request.
  3. Let us see if Papi Salamander can be a good wiki mod, shall we. 😉 Also, ofc you smell goons, they are everywhere on these forums.
  4. 🤔 Proximity outright asked in TI discord general-chat if we would like help fighting. Ofc we said yes. I am just saying some notice of surrender would have been nice. Did you ask for war aid? And also, my views do not reflect the views of the Alliance, just my own.
  5. I gotta go launch some missiles at BK so, I feel ya.
  6. Winnie the pooh playing with a mysterious white liquid?🤔
  7. How so? You agreed to attack with us, and then backed out. The least you could have done was TELL US before you surrender. @Proximity You were not "pulled in" you outright asked if we needed help in the war and we said yes. And do not forget we were busy fighting too, most of us with full slots.
  8. NPO is considered part of "the evil empire" do not join them. Join: --The Sindicate (Well The Enterprise) --The Commonwealth --The Immortals <=Recommended --Pantheon Have fun!
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