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  1. Haven't you heard of offshores? 😛🤣😅🤣 No way would we store cash or chocolate in the bank, way to valuable.
  2. I actually like that idea But overall, I disagree with the idea of shortening city build times. Because those who are to large to raid and to busy to flip are gonna get left in the dust. I agree with this, I think this pushes people to grow too fast, as weird as that sounds.
  3. Thanks, and you know it, state mandated chocolate consumption so our soldiers might actually stand chance in the next global. 😚
  4. Bruh @Daveth I legit forgot a Tl;Dr. 🤦‍♂️
  5. The Emperor and His Chocolate Preface It was a hot summer morning as Emperor Lord Vader had just gotten out of bed, he was heading to the royal kitchen to receive his morning chocolate, as always. Then the cook handed him his chocolate bar, but to the Emperor’s surprise, it wasn’t his favorite, Hershey’s, it was Swiss Chocolate. “What is this?” Vader said, glaring at his cook, to which the cook replied “the best chocolate in the world, just trust me,” Vader, being very trusting in his cook, took a bite of the chocolate. He had never tasted anything so perfect in his life. “Where did this come from?” asked Vader, the cook replied, “Chocolate Castle.” Vader then said “send the entire army, we must have their chocolate.” The Imperium and Chocolate Castle hereby enter into this treaty of Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression. Article I: Peace, And Chocolate The Imperium and Chocolate Castle, referred to herein as the signatories, agree that no acts of aggression should be made towards the other, whether diplomatically or militaristically. Neither signatory will be permitted to lie to, poach from, or manipulate the other in any way. The signatories agree to share intelligence in private, that may affect the other or both the signatories in any way. Article II: Mutual Defense Should either of the signatories come under attack, they may request aid via the proper channels, in which case the other signatory is required to provide both militaristic and diplomatic assistance. The signatories are encouraged to provide financial and technological aid when necessary, however this is considered optional. Article III: Optional Aggression Should either signatory wish to engage in offensive action against any party, the other signatory has the option of joining them. Article IV: Bravery, If Necessary If any signatory is forced to cease hostilities while in the aid of the other, the remaining signatory must respect their sovereignty, and wish them luck in the rebuild. Article V: Amendments With unanimous agreement by both signatories, this treaty may be modified in any way, as the signatories see fit. Article VI: Cancellation If either signatory gets tired of eating so much chocolate together, they must give the other signatory 72 hours notice, during this period Articles I, II and IV are still in effect. Following the completion of this duration, this treaty is considered null and void. Signatures On behalf of The Imperium, /s/ Lord Vader, Emperor /s/ TigerFire, Primarch of Economics /s/ Pewdiepie, Primarch of Internal Affairs On behalf of Chocolate Castle, /s/ Menhera - Popess /s/ Lossi - Queen
  6. Yay, something exciting finally! Have fun TEst, I am rooting for you.
  7. *Raids Both* Good luck I guess, thanks for spamming the alliance affairs section. Gives me something to do.
  8. Well if we don't get some sort of new beige mechanic the next GW won't be to long. As for when it will start, well, I say no more than a month after the NAP, if that. Haha, I love that
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