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  1. Only if you're dumb enough to get on his shit list... (Sorry @Viselli)
  2. First i've heard of it, also it's curufinwe, lol.
  3. Yay! But also shouldn't this be in Orbis central? How dare you associate this BK with SCX, smh
  4. Oh i'm sorry, last I checked our whales had more infra/city than your c15s, not to mention look how many planes you lost. On top of that, for us that's just a few days of income to rebuild, that could take you weeks, maybe even months. I rest my case Edit: Or even look at the score, we actually gained a few hundred score while you lost almost ten thousand. I ask you who really lost more?
  5. This reminds me of when GOONS enacted encom, kek Also I am detecting a lot of salt in this post >_> It's also honestly kind of sad you're so worried about getting rolled again you ban your own members from even communicating. I for one enjoy talking with TIE folks, including MH and Crunch. But whatever floats your boat.
  6. For the record, they weren't even overmatched, they had the plane, tank, and member advantage when we started.
  7. I told you in the very beginning of the RoH, we're here to bring the drama.
  8. Erm mate, that first screenshot makes it look more like a poach in my opinion.
  9. Actually, if you must know, when MH learned it was a membership discussion. We began with a one-month timeline one month. We had invited everyone to a single server (the present Order server) for the purpose of gauging what general membership felt about things when MH totally flipped, claiming we had left him in the dark when in fact he was there as we were feeling the waters. We had been working with membership, we had been contacting members and gov to get what they feel and I took it into serious consideration. And we hadn't even finalized that the merger was happening at all, it was just a
  10. If I don't own them, how am I supposed to sell them? My mate @Dwight k Schrutetaught me all about that.
  11. Hello Orbis, We know how much you love drama, and we aim to please. Yesterday at 11:56 AM server time, we initiated the first of three wars targeting the leader of The Infinite Empire. As included in the listed war reason, the impetus for these was active poaching. Not long after the initial declaration, Black Skies (the protector of The Infinite Empire) launched a series of counters on The Order. Before long, all three current Liberty bloc members were hitting Order members that were not included in the original conflict, and, in fact, were not fighting at all. A quick history for y
  12. Just in time to blow things up... Glad we're allies (again?)
  13. Gone, retired, what's the difference?
  14. Back already? I look forward to these discussions, should be interesting.
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