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  1. Editor's Note: Our mission to catch up to Kev in total number of merges continues Also I love posting in the middle of the night for most players, makes it that more exciting in the morning
  2. VICTORY! The phrase could be heard echoing around Oceania. The conflict with the forces of Roasis Inc had concluded. Big Brother had – however – convinced the citizens of Oceania that war had never happened. But we all know the true story. Oceania had fought side by side with The Order during the conflict, each earning the respect of the other. After further discussion both parties were decided to be better united then apart. TL:DR: It is with this information that we announce Oceania is merging into The Order. Until further notice all nations in Oceania and its extensions / off
  3. Kinda surprised you haven't just added Legion to Nexus. Congrats nonetheless
  4. Wow This is actually a move I support. Good Luck Y'all.
  5. Tfw you get back from a trip and the war is already over.
  6. I don't know which side I would rather win. 😉 Best of luck to both I guess.
  7. Look mom, I have friends! Odd how I always end up near basebond's name in announcements. But good luck in your future endeavors, as I said, my DMs are always open if you need anything. I wish you the absolute best of luck in irl.
  8. Thanks to you I'm having flash backs to the movie Sing I had to take my nieces to. Nice to see you recovering already TIE guys. Best of luck, and if you need something, you know where to find me.
  9. I left at Tyrion's encouragement, tyvm.
  10. Alcyr, i'm glad you're still around, haven't talked in a while. But... Again... Not really how I see it. TI/TFP "downsizing" after swamp lead to the creation of Oasis, which, again... (admittedly by your own gov) became the biggest sphere. Do I sense hypocricy?
  11. So we're bad... ...Because our members are good?
  12. Well it's kinda starting to get obvious that score is not a good way to compare spheres. and more members = more potential to grow them = more potential to be a bigger threat. See where i'm going with this?
  13. @AdrienneHi, love you. Also I think you're mistaken, Latsu. I learned proudly from daddy Tyrion.
  14. ? I'm fairly certain it was KETOGG and Chaos that created the first minispheres. I think if they wanted to be mini sphere killers, they could've done a far better job at it then you claim they just did. Not to mention Chaos never would've been a thing. Still avoiding the point of my original post.
  15. Notes you don't deny the fact that Oasis was larger
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