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Basically, everytime you attack people, you gain Belligerence. If you declare on people, you gain Belligerence. If you beige people, you gain Belligerence. If you nuke people, you gain a whole lot of Belligerence.

Perhaps, we can make it so that:
1) Declare War = 5 Bell
2) Ground Attack = 2 Bell
3) Airstrike = 4 Bell
4) Naval Attack = 4 Bell
5) Missile Strike = 7 Bell (regardless of hit)
6) Nuke Attack = 40 Bell (regardless of hit)
7) Spy ops (only if caught) = 5 Bell

Now of course, you don't simply accumulate it forever. Each day, you get a Belligerence decay, based on the size of your nation (nation score):
0-40NS = 20 Bell decay/day
40.01-80NS = 15 Bell decay/day
80.01-150NS = 10 Bell decay/day
150.01-300NS = 5 Bell decay/day
300.01+NS = 2 Bell decay/day
Alternatively,you can use credits to significantly reduce Belligerence. The amount of Belligerence reduced should be incredibly high, though, or it will be useless.

As for why small nations decay faster, it's simply common sense. I mean, assume United States and Singapore both declared war on your nation at the same time, and then suddenly decided they made a mistake and peaced you. Would you remain wary of Singapore or the United States the longest?

Now what benefits you get from having low/high Belligerence? Absolutely nothing! It's just a roleplay element and bragging rights. Such as:

"I'm a big bad pie rat, look at my Belligerence"
"I'm a bigger evil than you."
"You don't want to piss me off. I have short temper, just see my Belligerence"

Additionally, there may even be a statistics page for Belligerence, maybe a few of Top 10s. I imagine pirates and other unsavory nations would want to have higher Belligerence for fear factor, while those goody two shoes would rather have low Belligerence. Those who value RP would choose either extreme depending on the type of their nations.

Of course, the numbers are just suggestions. I'm not saying it's fixed in stone. It's also very easy to implement. I imagine Sheepy can probably do this in his sleep :D

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If it has no effects, then I'm not too fond of it. Community opinion works just fine.

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It does nothing? So what's the point?

Bragging rights. Some people like to boast about having the biggest nations or the biggest armies. This way, some people can boast about being the most evil or warlike. It also lends credence to those nations who roleplay the good guys, as if you don't kill people, you will have 0 Belligerence, like karma points.

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What about aggressive expansion?

Nah man, do you know how easy it is to game coalition wars?


Anyways, this idea is useless. If it's simply for roleplay why not just let people handle it themselves?

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The reason why nation states is so successful is because people like RPing. IT sounds fun, and no harm could come from it. So why not?

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