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The Top 5 Worst Milcom Departments


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1 hour ago, KindaEpicMoah said:

Special mention to Arrgh for completely botching their blitz against WAP 

That’s hilarious coming from someone who got bodied by 3/4 of orbis just for the fun of it

51 minutes ago, Key said:

Damn, Cataclysm not on the top 5 worst? Woah alright. 

I’ll test them next dw

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On 5/23/2023 at 6:56 PM, yio said:

I hope the leaders/gov of these alliances read this and realize how horrible of a job they’re doing. If you’re getting raided by a C12 and not able to defend yourself, maybe it’s time to reroll again. Or maybe you Immortals should go on vacation again.

TI doesn't care about the forums, lol


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Unfortunately this TEst is nothing like the real one (when Pre was around). This one is mostly a collection of pixel hugging whales, with the exception of a few former t$ and The Coalition members.

LoD on the other hand, at least puts up a fight - like for instance when KT was at war with them, they coordinated a decent blitz from beige after we had rolled them in round 1, which is much more than a few major alliances have done in recent wars.

UPN has a few good fighters among their old school members, but their organization is pretty poor, also because they struggle to mobilize enough nations in their war efforts. And TI are the definition of quantity over quality. Titans I have no clue, it's probably some obscure micro.

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